Happy Holidays, Sayonara 2020 and Cheers to 2021! 🥂🥳

Konstellation shares a recap of 2020 and a look forward to 2021 plans! The team wishes the community a safe and happy holiday season, and thanks everyone for the continued support of The Konstellation Network!

Happy Holidays from The Konstellation Team!

To the Konstellation Community: Sayonara 2020 and Cheers to 2021! 🥂

Thanks to everyone who is a part of the Konstellation Community for staying connected, engaged, and focusing on the product development updates and plans — we appreciate all of your continued interest in the project and your continued support!

  • This year, we were faced with many challenges much like everyone else, driven by the toll the pandemic continues to take globally. However, we were lucky to have a globally distributed team that was able to maintain their health and push forward with product development needs on all fronts.
  • Of note, we were able to spend time dedicated to the development and improvement of DARCwallet and its functionality as it pertains to long term support of the DARC token and additional crypto assets, such as Bitcoin.
  • We also kicked the year off with changing protocols and facilitating DARC token swaps to support the switch to DARC-24B vs. DARC’s original NEM mosaic. Additionally, the team has spent significant time focused on testnet development phase 1 and 2, along with working on validator node requirements, which will set the development team up nicely for 2021 testnet plans.
  • For a recap of our quarterly highlights here are some links for reference:

Q1 Recap

Q2 Recap

Q3 Recap

Q4 Recap

  • We also recently released our first Litepaper (Decentralized Indexes) specific to Konstellation’s relationship with VegaX Holdings, and how the companies are working together to create an enhanced ecosystem to support the infrastructure needed for the digital asset market via Konstellation’s blockchain based solutions. As the team works more closely with VegaX on development, there will be enhancements to DARCwallet in 2021 to further support use of the DARC token.

In 2021, we look forward to sharing more consistent updates with the community on all product development fronts to support the soon-to-be released product development roadmap for Konstellation in 2021.

DARCwallet Support

  • DARCwallet will be upgraded to support additional currencies, some of which will be announced in Q1 2021
  • DARCwallet will also be enhanced to offer a more comprehensive portfolio investing approach, inclusive of the strategies that are offered by VegaX.

Testnet and Onboarding new Validators

Exchange Partnerships

  • Though we were originally planning to have exchange related news in 2020, this has been pushed to 2021 because of the ecosystem we are working on for usage of the DARC token prior to confirming an exchange listing. We will provide more details on this plan a bit later in 2021, as we work through partnership details for Konstellation Network and VegaX Holdings.

Additional Technical Products & Announcements

  • In 2021, we will be focused on creating a consistent and predictable stream of information for our community to share what we are working on.
  • Sometimes the updates that we have may not be to the liking of the entire community, however, we are working on what we believe will contribute the most toward the growth of Konstellation Network and the DARC token.
  • Enhancing direct use cases (payment token, protocol and related governance, collateralized synthetic assets) will be the key development theme in conjunction with the launch of the Konstellation Network mainnet.

We are excited for our 2021 plans and look forward to your continued support. We are also continuing to share our Validation Node invitations to confirm additional participants for testnet phase 2.

Stay Safe and Happy Holidays. Cheers to 2021 and more news from Konstellation Network and the DARC token!

— The Konstellation Team

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