Konstellation Network Product Development Update: Q4 2020 🎉

Sharing product development updates from Konstellation’s product development team who has been hard at work on the Konstellation Network. See below for highlights on progress for Q4 and what’s currently still being developed. We’ll continue to share quarterly updates in 2021. Questions about development updates? Send the team an email: info@konstellation.tech Happy Holidays to the Konstellation Community!

Konstellation & The DARC Token: Sharing Q4 2020 Product Development Update

Completed Initiatives: Q4 2020

Q4 product development has focused on Testnet Phase 2 validator onboarding and internal testing, which has provided some challenges that the team was able to work through. In addition, DARCwallet feature optimizations and additional token support functions were tested and released via the latest DARCwallet update, which you can access here. For those with DARCwallet already downloaded, you will be prompted to update.

Konstellation Network

1. Focused on internal testing for Testnet Phase 2 as we are onboarding potential validators. Here is the list of issues we faced and fixed.

  • Random bug that occurred during transaction creation. “Error vote has been” shown in a console.
  • Validator has been jailed even while remaining online conversely, Validator can be offline all day and still not be jailed. Working through this issue now.
  • Non-responsiveness of ‘Withdraw all’ button in KNSTL web-wallet. It is designed to withdraw earned rewards from all delegated validators, but it currently requires too much gas.
  • Front end bugs in web-wallet related to data visualisation.

2. DARCwallet

  1. Rolled out 4.3.0. Update which includes:
  • Partial unstaking
  • XEM Removal
  • Platform fixes that increase stability. Code refactoring and optimization

2. ETH/ERC-20 integration

  • User is able to create/import ETH wallet
  • User is able to send/ receive transactions

3. Two way swap functionality

  1. User can easily swap between DARC assets from one to another. This feature is developed for future functionality that will involve multi assets
  2. Identified several bugs during the QA process and have been resolved
  • Transactions history did not show properly in the wallet.
  • Assets did not arrive in time to a wallet and disappeared during swap.

Q4: Continued Work in Progress

Konstellation Network

  1. Multi-Signature wallet creation
  • We are now doing research and prototype creation of Multi-Signature wallets independent signatures from different keyholders.
  • Current issues in the working prototype are as follows:

Correct data parsing when a user pastes signature as text.

Frontend visuals correction and making the interface more gamified.

Signature status update and validation automation between keyholders.

2. IBC integration

  • Current testing the various roll-outs from the Cosmos community with regards to IBC and Stargate

3. Public testing of Konstellation Testnet Phase 2

  • Validators invitation is in progress. We have received some amount of invites. We are now conducting due diligence on potential validators and working on onboarding.

DARCwallet Mobile

  1. Design Conceptualization in Progress
  • Back-End Architecture adjustments for mobile interface
  • Platform priority based on user base research
  • Integration with additional data feeds for mobile platform

Additional Community Questions & Answers:

This includes some of the key questions from the community Q&A form shared in Telegram. You can enter questions and review outstanding questions/answers here: Konstellation Community Q&A Form

DeFi is a growing topic within crypto right now. How are you on track to deploy revenue generating solutions while the hype is still present for DeFi products?

  • We believe that DeFi is something that we are addressing inherently with our focus on financial products and the infrastructure for the digital asset industry. We are working on solutions that we believe may address some of the market attention while also developing long term sustainable solutions.

When are you going to release Validator Node Requirements? How do we apply?

What’s the purpose of Testnet Phase2?

  • Collect feedback and comments from potential validators to improve the user interface and the enhanced reliability of the #Konstellation Network
  • Collaborate with qualified validators and give them opportunities to earn #DARC
  • Expand the global Konstellation & The DARC Token Network community

As noted, you can submit additional questions via the Konstellation Community Q&A form and review answers provided as well. The team will provide responses to the outstanding questions on a bi-weekly basis!

More to come for 2021 — Happy Holidays!💪🚀

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.