Konstellation Network Product Development Update: Q3 2020 🎉

Sharing product development updates from Konstellation’s product development team who has been hard at work on the Konstellation Network. See below for highlights on progress for Q3 and what’s currently still being developed. We’ll share another piece on Q4 development progress which will also include additional question/answers submitted by the community. Everyone be SAFE out there.

Konstellation & The DARC Token: Sharing Q3 2020 Product Development Update

Q3 2020: Completed Initiatives

Q3 has been heavily focused on the road to developing mainnet for Konstellation Network and creating a more robust and reliable network that the global financial services ecosystem can build and rely upon.

Furthermore, as usability and the real-world interface is another integral component of what we are building, we are continuously working on expanding the capabilities and offerings of DARCwallet where we will continue to expand its capabilities and the usability of DARC.

Product Development: Konstellation Network + DARCwallet Integrations 🚀

Konstellation Network:

Testnet Phase 2

  • Initial phase of debugging complete. (For list of functionalities on Tesnet Phast 2, see Q2 Recap)
  • Research and implementation of Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC via Cosmos Network). More on #Stargate here!
  • Specifically focusing on chains providing robust infrastructure for asset management and other DeFi solutions.
  • Invitations created for Testnet Phase 2 Validator nodes. More details on validator nodes, requirements, and timing for invitation distribution to be shared shortly via Medium.

DARCwallet Upgrades:

  • Ethereum integrations finalized. More details to be shared on Ethereum’s addition to DARCwallet shortly.
  • Additional swap functionalities are currently being explored.

Staking Highlights:

  • As of October 12, the following details reflect community staking activities. Visit the latest Staking update: October 12, 2020.

Total Staked: 493,892,395.39

Total Rewards: 1,000,000 (Max Rewards Distribution Reached)

Q3 — Q4 2020: Work in Progress Initiatives

  1. Testnet Phase 2 Validator testing with continued work IBC integration
  2. Incentivized Testnet Phase 3 with IBC integration implementation
  3. DARCwallet mobile development and release
  4. VegaX Investment Product integration with DARCwallet

Additional Community Questions & Answers:

This includes some of the key questions from the community Q&A form shared in Telegram. You can enter questions and review outstanding questions/answers here: Konstellation Community Q&A Form

Exchange Timing Questions:

  • Ideally we are aiming to align mainnet timing with the exchange listing. However, we will not commit to providing specific timing for the exchange listing at this time. When we are comfortable with announcing a firm exchange listing date, we will provide those details via telegram and make announcements on all additional Konstellation social channels.

Konstellation — The What, How, and connection to DARC token:

  • Konstellation was created to exclusively focus on the enhancement of blockchain technology development for the global financial services industry. Konstellation has three primary mandates: (i) innovative blockchain software development, (ii) supportive blockchain education and consulting services, and (iii) critical idea incubation for the Konstellation Network, a niche financial services ecosystem powered by a bespoke public blockchain built with Cosmos Tendermint technology. More details here can be found in the Konstellation White Paper here: Konstellation White Paper

VegaX— The What, How, and connection to DARC token:

  • VegaX Holdings is a digital asset management platform that is designed to offer investment strategies and indices for the global investor community to make better risk-adjusted investments without the need for direct trading.
  • The DARC token will be utilized in the roadmap to community based governance for the investment indices and strategies that are being developed at VegaX. The initial proposal on how this system may evolve is being discussed currently and will be shared broadly in the near future.

VegaX Fundraise — How much is being raised & what’s the relation to Konstellation’s ICO:

  • The amount being raised for VegaX has not been finalized as of yet. This funding pool is a new set of investors that are strategically focused on the growth of the digital asset management ecosystem. We do believe that there will be overlap in execution from the teams at Konstellation and VegaX. There is a mix of both new developers and current Konstellation product developers working on VegaX.

As noted, you can submit additional questions via the Konstellation Community Q&A form and review answers provided as well. The team will provide responses to the outstanding questions on the Q&A form next week (the week of October 19th)! âś…

More to come for Q4!💪🚀

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