Konstellation Network Product Development Update: Q2 2020 🎉

Konstellation & The DARC Token Shares Q2 2020 Product Development Update

Q2 2020: Completed Initiatives

1. DARCwallet Updates and Integrations 🔐

Staking Highlights:

Key Learnings from Staking:

BTC Integrations Complete

Integration of IBC module

2. Konstellation Testnet Phase 2 👨‍💻

Current Status

Functionality Implemented for Testnet — Phase 2

Next Steps for Testnet — Phase 2

Q2 — Q3 2020: Work on Progress Initiatives

1. Konstellation Mainnet 🌠

2. DARCwallet Additional Cryptocurrency Support🤝

2. VegaX Dashboard Updates ✅



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