Konstellation Network Product Development Update: Q2 2020 🎉

Sharing product development updates from Konstellation’s product development team who has been hard at work to deliver against the updated 2020 Konstellation Network Product Road Map. See below for highlights on progress for Q2 and what’s currently still being developed. We’ll share another piece on Q3 development progress. Everyone be SAFE out there.

Konstellation & The DARC Token Shares Q2 2020 Product Development Update

Q2 2020: Completed Initiatives

1. DARCwallet Updates and Integrations 🔐

Staking Highlights:

  • Over the past 12+ weeks, we have successfully optimized DARCwallet’s DARCvault staking features (July 27,2020):

Total Staked: 553,709,163

Total Rewards: 1,000,000

Key Learnings from Staking:

  • The Konstellation Community has continued to stake to assist with product development. The Development team has gained insights on how to improve staking functionalities and continues to work on implementing these into the DARCwallet.
  • Initially, there were technical challenges with “unstaking” function, and the development team has optimized this UX/UI perspective.
  • For the latest staking update, check out our DARCwallet Staking Update series, latest here: DARCwallet Staking Update

BTC Integrations Complete

  • Given that BTC does not have an official API or SDK, the development team has completed in depth research for potential BTC API’s best suited for Konstellation and DARCwallet’s needs. This allowed the team to identify a solution and deliver upon BTC functionality within DARCwallet.
  • Though there have been minor bug fixes related to the integration itself, the development team is continuing to optimize this and is also working on new features including address book and auto-update features.

Integration of IBC module

  • The team has learned a lot from its initial participation in the Game of Zones, especially with regards to testing the IBC methodology. There are still stress tests that need to be completed for IBC and certain vulnerabilities that were identified during the competition. As IBC continues to be improved, we will provide updates on its integration for the Konstellation Network.

2. Konstellation Testnet Phase 2 👨‍💻

Current Status

  • Testnet phase 2 is ready! We are ready to proceed with more in depth testing at this time.(🙌)

Functionality Implemented for Testnet — Phase 2

  • Validator functionality: Providing the ability for anyone with enough tokens, to be an official validator on Konstellation Network.
  • Key Features: Staking, delegating, rewards, token issuance, and account creation, to note.
  • Explorer Access: Completion of the Konstellation Network chain explorer.
  • Online Access: Updated functionality of Web wallet. (web-based wallet via Cosmos Network SDK based chain)

Next Steps for Testnet — Phase 2

  • Validator Testing: Launching testing with external validators and test/optimize Net functionality, Net Load, and other key Konstellation Network features with validators.
  • Optimizations: Continue implementing learnings and optimizations for development and release of Mainnet.

Q2 — Q3 2020: Work on Progress Initiatives

1. Konstellation Mainnet 🌠

  • The official launch date for Konstellation Mainnet is yet to be finalized and we will continue to provide updates on the official date for the launch.
  • Konstellation Network testnet phase 2 will also invite additional external validators with sufficient DARC for testing and support.

2. DARCwallet Additional Cryptocurrency Support🤝

  • The support and integration of the BTC functionality into DARCwallet presented a few technical issues which took longer than anticipated, but has been successfully integrated.
  • The team is currently working on and testing the integration for Ethereum (ETH).
  • The next integration that will follow is the Cosmos chain (ATOM) which will allow for integration of the DARC native token on Konstellation Network.
  • We will have community voting in order to prioritize more future integrations.

2. VegaX Dashboard Updates ✅

  • In order to accelerate the real world use cases for DARC, the team has been working on dashboard updates for the VegaX Holdings’s mainsite.
  • These updates included providing dashboard updates to reflect investor profiles, Initial investment amounts, dividends, total balance and total rewards.
  • We Have also included integrations to reflect the NAV of VEBE token and VBXM index. Additionally, via admin functions have been developed for the adjustment of dividends, VEBE token value and for the VBXM index.

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