Tutorial: How to Buy an NFT and Register NFT to Squid Squad OG

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Buying an NFT

WARNING: Do not buy an NFT from a reseller on an external marketplace after the 17th of July. Any NFT bought after the beginning of the game on an external marketplace will not be eligible to play the game and neither will the next one. Once the game begins, you will be able to trade the NFTs inside the game.

First, make sure you’re fully connected to the game. You should not see any message asking you to authenticate on the left navigation bar.

You have three ways to get an NFT to participate in the second season of Squid Squad OG.

  1. You played the first game and one or more of your NFTs survived

In that situation, you don’t have anything to do except go on the app.squidsquadog.com site to register your NFT for the next game.
This is free and may allow you to win a lot of money! But you will also take the risk to lose your NFT…

If you want to play the second game with more NFT to have more chances to win the big prize, you can follow part 2 or 3 of this tutorial.

2. You want to participate in the pay to mint

The pay to mint will be available from the 1st July to 147th July for everyone. If you have been whitelisted, you will be able to have access to the pay to mint on June 28.

Further details about the time of the release will be announced on our social media. Feel free to join our discord to keep in touch!

Access the mint

Get connected to the game and follow the authentication process. Instructions are available in our “Get connected to SSOG” tutorial)

Click on the Mint now button on the left bar

You are now on the minting page.

Mint your new NFT

  1. Chose the number of NFTs you want to mint
  2. Click on Mint my NFTs
  3. Accept the message in your Solana wallet window
  4. You now have your new NFTs ready ! It should be visible in your wallet.


It’s now time to register these NFTs for the game.

Beware! If you don’t register them for the second game before the start of the game, you won’t be able to use them anymore, even for another game. So we recommend you to register them as soon as they are minted.
More information in the part “NFT registration for the game”

3. You want to buy your NFT on the external marketplace

15 rare NFTs will be sold through auction. The sale will happen on Magic Eden for about twoa weeks. You will be able to bid on your favorite NFT for the second game with a floor pricefor the price of 0.35 SOL/NFT.

  1. Buy your NFT on Magic Eden. You should then have the NFT in your wallet
  2. Get connected to the game with the same wallet. You can follow the connection instructions if needed.
  3. Then follow the instructions of the “NFT registration” part to make sure your NFT(s) will be part of the game

Register my NFT to the game

This is a very important step. If you miss that, you will not be able to participate in the game, even if you have the appropriate NFT. This process must be done before the start of the game, so before July 17

  1. Connect your wallet on squidsquadog.com
  2. If it’s your first connection, authenticate yourself using your discord account. More details in the tutorial “Get connected to the game”
  3. For each of your NFTs, click on register on the left bar. Then confirm your registration and accept the transaction on your wallet.

NB: When you register your NFT for the game, we will take back the authority of the NFT. This is the way for us to be able to change the RPS of your squid and to make it evolve when you survive the game. This is mandatory. If you don’t register your NFT for the game, the NFT will then become useless and is not usable in any other game.



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