Tutorial: How to Connect to Squid Squad OG

2. You then need to get authenticated using Discord. To do so, just click on authentificate on the navigation bar (on the left side of the dashboard) and follow the process.
Note: Make sure your account on discord have a valid phone number, that you joined our discord server and complete the validation process in the #✅validation channel

How to join the discord server the right way?

a. Choose your Username and open Discord

c. Enter your email address and choose your account password

3. You’re now on the server. You will need to add your phone number on your account if it’s not already done. This information will remain in Discord and we won’t be able to access it. The only thing we will know is that you confirmed your account using a phone number.

4. Now you have access to Discord. Just go on the #✅validation channel and react to the message by clicking on the squid emoji to get access to all the channel on the server.

This is just a way for us to make sur you’re not a bot 🤖

I’m already connected in the past for the first game

Because this authentication process is new, you have to do it even if you participated in the first game. You can just follow the steps of the “It’s my first connection” process.

I already connected

If it wasn’t your first time getting connected with this wallet for the second game, then you must have already passed through the authentication process and you won’t have anything to do.

Now, you just have to get your NFT for the game! If you need help, you can check our tutorial.

If you have issues with the authentication process, you can drop a message on the discord and we will be there to assist you in that process.



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