Tutorial: How to Buy NFTs on Magic Eden

Hi everybody!

Our team has been informed that some folks that want to help Ukraine may not know exactly how to buy NFTs on Magic Eden. This may be because you’ve never bought an NFT before or the marketplace may just be unfamiliar to you.

Whatever the case, don’t worry! It’s very simple with a few easy steps and we will go through them together.

Let’s get started!

From fiat ($) to NFT — How to get an NFT on Magic Eden using USD, EUR or other fiat currencies

3 methods:

  • Paying with debit/credit card using Moonpay
  • Using centralized exchange
    ex. Binance, FTX, Kraken, Crypto.com, etc.
  • Using decentralized exchange
    ex. Raydium

You will need a Phantom wallet to interact with Magic Eden.

  • Download Phantom here
  • Create Phantom wallet here

How to use Phantom wallet:

Click here

Option A Convert Fiat — SOL on Moonpay using debit/credit card

Step 1

Go to Moonpay and select $SOL and the amount you wish to buy

Step 2

Enter your wallet address

Step 3
Connect to our Ukraine Edition NFT Collection here: SSOG with Ukraine

Once you connect your wallet, you will be able to purchase an NFT.

Here is a tutorial video: How to Buy an NFT on Magic Eden

Option B: Using a Centralized Exchange

Step 1
Access your centralized exchange.

  • Here is a list of major centralized exchanges:
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • FTX
  • Crypto.com

Step 2
Deposit your fiat currency (USD, EUR, KRW, GBP…)
Here some tutorials on how to realized that on these exchanges

Step 3
Buy $SOL with the fiat that you deposit on your account.

Step 4

Transfer your $SOL from your exchange to your Phantom wallet
Tutorial video: here

Step 5
Visit SSOG with Ukraine on Magic Eden

then connect your wallet and purchase an NFT
Tutorials on how to buy an NFT on Magic Eden: here

Option C Using a Decentralized Exchange (Ex: Raydium)
You need a Phantom wallet as well as funds to swap $SOL

Step 1
Access Raydium decentralized exchange: here

Step 2

Swap the crypto (USDC, RAY or any others one available on the DEX) for $SOL

Tutorial on how to swap on Raydium: here

Step 3
Visit SSOG with Ukraine on Magic Eden, then connect your wallet and choose the NFT your heart desires!

Tutorial video on how to buy an NFT on Magic Eden: here

Then there you have it! Your very own NFT that will gurantee you a spot in our WL for Batch 2. And more importantly, it’s going to a really great cause.

Each donation will be matched by Konstellation to make sure that every donation will make an impact in Ukraine.

Donate now and double your impact with Konstellation! This tutorial is a small effort in comparison to your initiative in helping support Ukraine.

If you’re still having trouble purchasing an NFT from our collection, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram and our team would be more than happy to assist you.

Glory to Ukraine!

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