Trusted Validator Program: Empowering Validators through Konstellation’s Recruitment Program

Konstellation Network (DARC)
2 min readAug 27, 2022


Dear Community,
The foundation node was down for 1 hour today which caused the entire system to halt, until it was restored. We discovered that 56% of voting power is currently run by the foundation node, which means that despite running on a decentralized system, it is closer to being centralized. As the foundation node is down, all other nodes are halted as well because Cosmos uses a protocol of Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

The problem we experienced is commonly referred to as “Liveness Failure. In its simple definition, a liveness failure occurs when “an activity is in a state where it is permanently unable to move forward or progress. One form of liveness failure that can occur in sequential programs is an inadvertent infinite loop, where the code that follows the loop never gets executed.”

To solve this problem, the foundation will be giving more power to our validators, in order for us to move towards a more decentralized approach. Currently, Konstellation is offering a program called the Additional Incentive Program, a program dedicated to recruiting new validators to the Konstellation Network. Through this program, we will be able to empower our validators to delegate and validate the DARC token.

To learn more about our validators, visit:

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Interested in becoming one of our validators? Email us at:

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.