Symbols in the SSOG Ukraine Fundraising Campaign

Squid Squad OG has launched a new NFT collection! This initiative is a fundraising campaign to help relief efforts in Ukraine. You can show your support for the cause by owning your very own Squid Squad OG Ukraine edition NFT.

Proceeds will go directly to the Ukraine government

All the proceeds made from the sales will be crypto donations to charities. You can also double your impact because Konstellation will match the donations.

Konstellation will double all donations

In this blog, we will cover the attributes in the NFTs and the decisions made by the team to incorporate them in the designs. It is worth noting that the attributes chosen by the team are symbols of Ukraine’s resistance in Russia’s invasion.

Symbols of Resistance

Zelensquid is a homage to President Zelensky
  • President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the national symbol of Ukrainian resistance
  • There are only 456 NFTs and only 1 rare NFT will be a Giveaway
  • The Zelensquid NFT cannot be purchased
  • To be eligible for the Giveaway, you will need a Ukraine edition NFT
  • There will only be 1 winner as there is only 1 Zelensquid NFT
Javelin missiles are a symbol of Ukraine’s resistance


Recently, the U.S. assisted Ukraine by shipping an additional $800 million in defense aid for Ukraine to be used for Javelin anti-tank missiles. The javelin has been a powerful symbol of Ukraine’s resistance towards the war instigated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


  • After USSR broke up, Ukraine and other former republics had a huge stash of Soviet small arms, including AK-47s.
  • Women and children taught to fire the AK-47 as Ukraine calls up anyone who can fight to defend Kyiv
  • Civilians have been receiving basic military training, combat training, and self defense courses
Ukraine has had a brief history with the AK-47


In 2014, protesters and reporters wore kitchen colanders and strainers to respond to the government forbidding them from wearing helmets at protests, which was very risky at the time of violence in Kiev.

Protesters wore strainers when the government forbid them from wearing helmets in protests.


The national flower of Ukraine

  • A viral video appears to show a Ukrainian woman telling Russian soldiers to put seeds in their pockets so flowers will grow when they die in her country
  • Protesters are carrying bouquets of Ukraine’s national flower or wearing it at rallies, while others are displaying sunflower emojis to show support online
Protesters hold up sunflowers or wear crowns to show support

Frontline Workers
The frontline workers who have been of service to the Ukrainian people are represented in the collection with their vests, armband, and accessories. Some of these servicemen and women are soldiers, press, medical professionals, and volunteers.


The Cossacks of Ukraine


Zaporozhian Cossacks are the first purely Ukrainian society. As aproto-state nation, it fought for the right to exist, develop, and resist hostile encroachments. The Cossack army created its own, uniquely developed state-administrative structure, which fundamentally different from similar structures of neighboring states.
It is the symbol of resistance and freedom of Urainians. They fought for the right to be an independent society! — Ukraine World

Half skull mask — Ghost of Kyiv

The half skull mask if a tribute to the Ghost of Kyiv
  • The half skull mask is a tribute to the Ghost of Kyiv.
  • He is credited for shooting down six Russian planes over Kyiv

Backgrounds — Landmarks and Nature of Ukraine

Kharkiv (left) Kiev Monastery of the Caves (mid top) Monument of Independence (right)
Independence Square (mid bottom)
  1. Kharkiv

2. Kiev Monastery of the Caves

3. Monument of Independence

4. Carpathian Mountains
Hutsuls are one of the Ukrainian ethnic groups who inhabited the Carpathian Mountains. They live in mountain areas where they preserve their traditional way of life.

5. Independence Square

6. Yellow wheat field and bright blue sky

  • Resembles the Ukraine flag
  • Ukraine is one of the top exporters of wheat around the world
  • Chernozems

Ukraine owns the most fertile lands — chernozems. Most parts of the field is used for growing various types of crops. — Mariia, Ukrainian Team Member

Motherland Monument (left), Viburnum (middle), Russian tank and Ukrainian tractor (right)

7. Motherland Monument

8. Viburnum

It is a symbol of Ukraine, native land. According to popular belief, ruby berries of viburnum symbolize the courage of people who shed blood for the Motherland in the fight against the enemies.

In addition, you can see red beads necklace in every national dress of Ukrainian women. Those red beads symbolize kalyna berries. And here is why — for Ukrainians, the kalyna has special significance, having for centuries served as a symbol of popular resistance to political oppression and foreign domination. Traditionally planted on the graves of fallen Cossacks, the kalyna is now prominently represented on the official emblem of independent Ukraine’s Armed Forces. Besides being the subject of many stirring, patriotic hymns, the kalyna is also celebrated in scores of Ukrainian folk songs about romantic love and about longing for the homeland. — Mariia, Ukrainian Team member

9. Sunflowers

10. Ukrainian farmers confiscate Russian tanks
A funny video went viral on internet when Ukrainians cheered as the Russian tank was being towed away by the Ukrainian farmers’ tractor.

Consider donating crypto to Ukraine here:


  • Join the WL for Batch 2
  • Total donation amount will be doubled
  • Show your support for Ukraine with your NFT

Learn more: Squid Squad OG Ukraine Edition

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