Reminder: Withdraw DARC from Exrates before MAY 13th 2020❗❗

DARC Token holders should withdraw DARC tokens from Exrates by May 13, 2020

As you may be aware, we have an official delisting date for Exrates. The official delisting date is May 13th, 2020. However, as Exrates has consistently been unreliable in response and support, we recommend that all DARC token-holders who have tokens on the exchange, to withdraw them ASAP, no later than May 12th, 2020. To confirm, after this date, neither the Exrates Team or the Konstellation team, will no longer be able to offer support to withdraw tokens, after the delisting date of May 13th, 2020.

Why should I withdraw my tokens?

Here are some key reasons:

  1. You should want to have custody of your own tokens and have access to them at any time. If you do not withdraw your tokens from the exchange, you will no longer have access to your DARC and may not be able to withdraw them from the exchange after the delisting date of May 13th, 2020.
  2. At the time that we are able to announce our exchange listing, you will want to have access to your DARC tokens for potential use on the exchange to be announced.
  3. You will need to withdraw DARC from Exrates in order to swap them to DARC-24B as the NEM Mosaic version of DARC will no longer be supported as of July 2020.
  4. Konstellation’s DARCwallet provides staking functionality, allowing you to earn more DARC! We have details around the launch of DARCvault, which will allow token holders to stake their DARC to earn more. We’ll share more details on the staking functionality shortly, but you can download the latest DARCwallet to access staking, here.

What am I supposed to do with my tokens when I withdraw them? Is there another exchange I can move them to?

When you withdraw your tokens from exrates, you will need to swap the DARC NEM Mosaic tokens for the updated DARC-24B BEP2 tokens. To do this, you will need to download the latest version of DARCwallet. Details on how to swap your tokens and download the latest DARCwallet can be found here: How to Swap DARC NEM for DARC-24B

Konstellation’s DARCwallet has officially released staking and reward functionality that allow DARC token holders to earn more DARC! We’ll share more details on the staking functionality via DARCvault shortly.

There is no additional exchange that currently supports DARC at this time. This will be announced on all channels when there in a new exchange listing update.

What if I do not withdraw my tokens by the delisting date of May 13, 2020?

We hope this is not the case for any DARC token holders! BUT if this happens to be your situation, and you were not able to withdraw your tokens from the exchange by the delisting date of May 13, 2020, you will need to connect directly with Exrates customer support. As mentioned, the Konstellation team will no longer provide any support for Exrates after the delisting date of May 13, 2020.

You can reach Exrates customer support here: Exrates Support

When will the staking features for DARCwallet be released?

Staking is officially live! DARCwallet’s staking module, DARCvault, was officially released on May 4, 2020! We will have more updates to the UI as we optimize DARCvault’s functionality and will share more DARCvault related content via our medium page shortly.

Download DARCwallet’s Latest Version for DARCvault’s Staking Features!

TLDR: Withdraw your DARC tokens from Exrates ASAP, and most definitely before the official delisting date of May 13, 2020!

Download/Update the latest DARCwallet with DARCvault’s staking features!

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