Konstellation Q3 2021 Product Development Update 🚀

Konstellation Product Development Updates Q3 2021

There have been many developments regarding Konstellation Network to support the development of the DARC token economy this quarter. We have a number of development wins that have been finalized this quarter, making Q2 2021 an exciting time for the Konstellation community and the $DARC Knights Army! From back end developments prepping for mainnet to automation optimizations to support VegaX Holdings back end for use of $DARC, the team has been focused on development mode this quarter!

Here is a more detailed description of the product development updates for Konstellation ‘Q3 2021. The completion of the updates below, have put the plans back on track to support DEX listing in early Q4 2021!🚀

Konstellation Updates — Q3 2021

We are arriving at the end of the Konstellation Testnet. This process was useful as it allowed us to correct some bugs on the Konstellation network. We are ready to launch our Mainnet (beta version) in October. An announcement will follow with the exact date of the release.

A new Konstellation website has been released with a revamped Litepaper that provides an update regarding the Konstellation project ecosystem. You can find the new website here ( https://konstellation.tech/ ). Part of updates also include the Konstellation re-brand, which you can start to see across social media and learn more about here.

Konstellation bridge will allow users to swap tokens and will support DARC-ERC20 swap for users. The initial swap features are complete. We are finalizing the user interface which will allow DARC token holders the ability to swap. The Konstellation bridge is planned to be released in mid-October.

We started the design of the new Konstellation wallet that will be named “Hubble”. Once finished, Hubble will allow Konstellation’s $DARC token holders to use DARC across different parts of the DARC eco-system. It will also enable holders to stake their DARC in order to earn rewards.

Alkemy 🔐

As mentioned in our latest litepaper, we introduced details Alkemy. Alkemy is a platform within the Konstellation ecosystem that will enable investors to use their DARC stablecoin and earn on their digital asset holdings. The Alkemy project required some rework on the backend, and the development team has now completed these updates. We are now implementing the Alkemy front end user interface and the synthetic platform. We plan to release the synthetic platform in Q4. Our target is to release it in November 2021. As we get closer to this date, we plan to announce Alkemy updates.

VegaX Updates

Development team supported dashboard updates and implementation of 5+ indices for VegaX. We have noted a few below.

  • VSOL which is an index based on the best projects in the Solana ecosystem.
  • V100X which tracks the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
  • VCUY which is designed to track the interest rate offered by the top 5 CeFi lending companies.
  • VDUY which is designed to track the interest rate offered by the top 5 DeFi lending companies.

Konstellation Updates — Q4 2021 — A Look Ahead

The team has been hard at work to deliver on the expanded vision of Konstellation — to become a decentralized cross-chain capital markets optimization protocol. The Konstellation ecosystem will enable users to make the most of their investments and with key product releases such as Konstellation Mainnet, Konstellation Bridge, Alkemy, and VegaX integrations, the team is excited to take another step towards delivering on the updated vision to support the #DeFi capital markets!

The DEX listing date, is currently on calendars for October 2021. We have the swap features ready which was part of the delay and will share more details on the release of swap the week of October 4th! The first DEX listing will be via Pancake Swap and official news will be communicated via Konstellation social channels.

Comments and questions? Send the team an email here: info@konstellation.tech

✨KONSTELLATION Network is a blockchain protocol, built on Cosmos Networks SDK, creating a global infrastructure for the future of the decentralized capital markets.

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.