Proposal for Konstellation ($DARC) Syrup Pool and Farm

TL;DR → Konstellation network ($DARC) wants to apply for a Syrup Pool! And we need your help with that.

The Proposal

We need your help to get approved for a Syrup Pool that will enable anyone to provide liquidity for DARC and get rewarded for it.

To make this happen, we need to launch a community vote and get enough voting power behind us to have Pancakeswap notice us and launch a second vote called “core vote” organized by PancakeSwap admin. At this point, all CAKE holders will be able to vote on our Syrup Pool by either approving it or voting no. (More information about voting can be found here.)

How To Vote

In order to vote, you need to either:

  • hold CAKE in your wallet
  • have CAKE staked on PancakeSwap
  • provide liquidity to a pool on PancakeSwap

Once you meet one of those three requirements, all that you have to do is follow this link and connect your wallet.

If you want to approve our Syrup Pool application, then vote “Yes” to the vote proposal (which you can find here).

If you don’t own CAKE yet and want to vote, you will need to buy some on PancakeSwap. Once purchased, you will have to wait (usually between 2–5 days) for your CAKE to show up in your voting power. That voting power is what will enable you to vote and support our proposition.

How Does Syrup Pool Work?

The Syrup Pool: Stake CAKE tokens to earn $DARC tokens!

How do you stake CAKE to earn $DARC rewards?

Follow this guide to staking in Syrup Pools:


The official DARC token contract address on Binance Smart Chain is:

Any other DARC token will be a scam and will result in a financial loss. Always verify the token address before purchasing tokens. If you receive a DARC token airdrop from another address, it’s probably a scam, and we advise you to ignore it.

Stake to Earn!

  • For every address that votes “Yes” in favor of the Syrup Pool application, Konstellation will airdrop 5 DARC to that same BSC wallet address.

What is DARC?

DARC is at the center of the Konstellation ecosystem. It is a decentralized cross-chain capital markets protocol built on Cosmos. It is aimed to efficiently connect funds and the various components of the asset management industry with investors. Konstellation intends to be the financial services industry hub for Cosmos and other blockchain ecosystems through strategic inter-blockchain communications. The network is powered by DARC tokens, which are required for the Konstellation network’s governance and transactions.

At Konstellation, we believe in cross-chain infrastructure to create the backbone for decentralized capital markets in the future. We aim to create a single interface for interacting with leading DeFi protocols on different blockchain networks.

We want to offer high composability for users and effortless cross-chain DeFi usability to offer capital aggregation for higher efficiency and seamless creation of different risk/return profiles to all our users.

That’s why we have already launched VegaX, a crypto asset management platform that allows us to invest in crypto indexes and strategies. We are also integrating with others projects in our ecosystem, starting with a decentralized exchange focused on Korea. A decentralized synthetic asset platform will also use DARC as collateral and connect DeFi to TradFi. We are also working in the NFT industry, starting with the release of an NFT collection and a game related to Korean culture.

So please help us by voting “Yes” for the Syrup Pool application so we can bring those exciting new projects and gains to Pancakeswap users and CAKE holders.

End of transmission,
Konstellation Team

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.