Update: Konstellation Whitepaper 2022

The DARC Token is run by Konstellation’s ecosystems


Konstellation is a Layer-3 blockchain protocol built on Cosmos and currently connected to Solana and Binance Smart Chain. Thanks to IBC relayers, Konstellation aims to develop various Dapps in different domains (DeFi, CeFi, NFT, DAO) accessible across all blockchains. Konstellation interoperability allows investors to invest in cross-chain digital assets, mint a wide range of fiat-pegged stablecoins, explore NFT opportunities, and participate in a play-to-earn game and DAO. The network is powered by DARC tokens required for transactions, utility on the Konstellation Dapps, and governance on the Konstellation network.

Features of Konstellation

  • Investment in crypto strategies and indexes
  • Access to an omni-currency stablecoin protocol
  • First DeFi Forex platform
  • Explore a NFT marketplace with Korean creators
  • Fight in a battle royale Play to earn game
  • Engage with crypto projects and marketing/educational content creators through a community-driven DAO
  • Stake and vote on governance through a wide range of trusted validators

Konstellation Ecosystem


The Konstellation Network allows both new and seasoned investors to pursue a wide variety of investment opportunities in the DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrency markets. The projects in the Konstellation Ecosystem that will use the DARC token as fuel for operations are:


  • Solana native stablecoin platform
  • Wide range of fiat stablecoins available (aEUR,aUSD,aKRW,aJPY,aGBP,aINR)
  • Users will have the option to pay their fee with DARC when using Alkemy
  • Users will get a discount when they pay their fee with DARC


  • Investment platform with crypto strategies and indexes
  • Provides sophisticated investment data and content to help investors with their portfolio allocation (Historical data, educational content, weekly newsletter, tutorials, and more)
  • Users will have to stake DARC through a dedicated interface
  • DARC Stakers will be able to receive discounts on management fees for VegaX investment products
  • Users will have the option to pay their VegaX management fee with DARC
  • VegaX will burn a portion of the revenue that it receives in the form of DARC
  • When opting for a loan, the interest on the loan can be paid in BTC or DARC. Interest will be paid in BTC by default, but clients can choose the option to pay with DARC instead.


  • Stablecoin and forex trading focused DeFi platform
  • Built as a decentralized exchange using a Serum GUI

Squid Squad OG

  • Play to earn NFT game
  • 456 NFT minted by batch on Solana with unique design and characteristics
  • Participants are selected through airdrop and auction, using DARC currency
  • Users can use DARC to participate in the Squid Game OG NFT Lottery, minting and auction. NFT buyers will then need to register for the Squid Squad game where they will have the opportunity to win their unique NFT and a prize reward in USDC and DARC
  • Players can also trade their NFT in-game using DARC


  • Platform that aimed to reward content creators in crypto for completing bounties
  • Bounties are sponsored by crypto projects


  • K-Culture themed NFT marketplace built on Solana for the Global Audience
  • Enabling direct minting of music, collectibles, art, and more
  • Payment using DARC
  • Users can directly use DARC to trade NFT on Kambrian Marketplace
  • NFT creators will also have to use DARC to mint their collections

Konstellation Bridge

  • Swap DARC from different blockchains
  • Swap Cosmos and IBC based token to Solana and Binance Smart chain
  • Transaction fees paid in DARC

The DARC Token (DARC)

The DARC token powers the Konstellation network. Konstellation has its own dedicated digital asset interface known as Hubble, through which users can manage their portfolios. It is an all-in-one interface to access the DARC token economy. We continue to upgrade the Hubble to support increasing composability and the seamless transfer of value across chains. The interface and systems by which DARC can be accessed, utilized, and managed are consistently being upgraded for broader use by the community.

Token Distribution

The Konstellation’s initial token-based capital raise was conducted in 2018. Below is the breakdown of the initially issued 1 billion DARC on the Binance Chain:

  • 4% Seed round investors
  • 6% Developers
  • 10% Reserve
  • 30% Management & Staff
  • 50% Token Sale


The governance structure will allow any DARC stakers on Hubble wallet to participate in vote proposals on the network. Stakers can vote on a proposal over a standardized period with one of two responses: Yes or No.

  • Major/Disruptive Proposal:
    This proposal will concern significant changes within the blockchain. Some examples of major proposals could be changes to the blockchain architecture and tokenomics. Any proposal with a 75% plus one majority of cast votes at the end of the proposal period shall be considered an accepted proposal.
  • Minor Proposal:
    This proposal will concern complementary implementations on the blockchain. Any proposal with a 50% plus one majority of cast votes at the end of the proposal period shall be considered an accepted proposal. The proposals can be submitted for additional considerations related to the development of the dashboard or to adding new investment strategies and opportunities. Most of the proposals will be minor proposals.



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.