Konstellation: What to Look Forward to in Q1 and Q2 2020

Dear DARC Community,

Last week, we summarized 2019 where we discussed many of the lessons learned and experiences that will continue to inform us as we move forward in the industry. We understand that through this time, the community has raised questions and concerns, but we are continuing to learn from our experiences and continue our efforts in making 2020 even better than 2019.

In 2019, we focused on refining Konstellation’s vision and pursuing initiatives that brought the network value. As we continue towards this mission, we will be revealing along the way how we are continuing to add value in the Konstellation ecosystem.

DARCwallet Roadmap

1. DARCwallet Upgraded | Q1 2020

Before the end of Q1 2020, you will be pleased to find a brand new, updated DARCwallet 2.0 that will support XEM, BNB, DARC-24B (BEP2 token) and DARC (NEM based token). Within the DARCwallet, you will have a very easy way to swap NEM based DARC for BEP2 based DARC tokens.

2. Integrated DARC token swap functionality | Q1 2020

Our choice to swap to BEP2 token will dramatically increase the liquidity scenario, relative to NEM mosaic tokens which have had a lack of liquidity. We know you are anxious for these developments to roll-out and we cannot wait to introduce this functionality this quarter to DARCwallet users. Instructions will become available to you nearer to the token swap event.

3. DARCvault to enable Staking Rewards | Q1 2020

One of the most exciting features on DARCwallet 2.0 is the DARCvault, which will enable early supporters especially to earn staking rewards. This is an opportunity for you to grow your holding of DARC-24B tokens, as the market valuation of the token increases in the future. Staking offers rewards based on the amount of tokens that are staked, therefore you can consider enlarging your holding of DARC while it is still at great value. The longer your token is staked, the more you can earn!

4. DARCwallet with VegaX Integration | Q1/Q2 2020

As we have already announced, VegaX will become a core component of DARC token economy. To align with those objectives, we will be fully integrating the ability to access VegaX indices, strategies and digital asset management products directly through the DARCwallet. We will be rolling this out in phases with the first phase to launch in the first quarter of 2020.

4. DARCwallet as DeFi Super App | Q2 2020

The vision for DARCwallet is to make it the central interface for interacting with the Konstellation Network ecosystem. It will not only be confined to the functionality of storing digital assets, but a robust repository of data, integrations and other digital asset management strategies and products which will continue to grow and evolve as the DeFi industry accelerates in growth.

We will be continuing to provide upgrades to the DARCwallet to provide users with DARC pricing on exchanges, staking rates, token supply information and token migration status. This will be your cockpit to the Konstellation Network ecosystem.

5. BEPswap platform | Q3 2020

Even following the launch of our mainnet, the BEP2 token will remain a significant part of the DARC token economy. The continued support of BEP2 tokens will allow access to many of liquidity options in the BEP2 universe. We also plan on applying for DARC-24B to be available on the exciting new BEPswap platform, which is similar to the Uniswap exchange that made DeFi a $1 billion industry in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Konstellation Network Strategic Initiatives

1. Konstellation Venture Studio: Introducing VegaX | Q4 2019

Toward the end of last year, we announced the launch of Konstellation Venture Studio, a strategic incubator that enabled quicker expansion of use cases and services critical for us to architect a comprehensive ecosystem. The Venture Studio combines industry expertise, capital and partnerships with the intent to build out a business model before developing a separate company, and will work with external talent to build and integrate services that benefit Konstellation Network participants.

The first company that will be launching as part of the Konstellation Venture Studio is VegaX, the world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency platform to provide enhanced data feeds and tokenized asset management products using volatility as an asset. Despite the volatility of the market, we believe there are opportunities for investors to benefit financially from the movement of the market. VegaX will be run in partnership with one of the largest accelerators in the world, SOSV as part of Chinaccelerator. You can visit the website to learn more about VegaX.

2. Konstellation Migration and Mainnet Development | Q1&Q2 2020

We’re happy to announce that the testnet for the Konstellation Network is officially live! Our development team has been working hard on getting this to launch since we first announced our migration from the NEM blockchain to Cosmos. We will be entering our official testnet phase in Q1 and will continue to update the community on progress and ways to participate.

Although changing blockchains was not an easy decision, it is one that will provide Konstellation Network with the most robust set of tools to develop upon to bring all the exciting new features we set out to deliver. This move will naturally also offer better liquidity for DARC token holders, as Binance Chain based digital assets (DARC-24B), will be comparatively easier for future listing.

3. On-boarding Exchanges & Growing Liquidity | Q1&Q2 2020

We have learned to be more comprehensive when considering exchanges, and will include community sentiments during the shortlist to work towards making a collaborative effort. This is why we established the Community Council where we have been sharing future initiatives and will be sharing exchanges we are considering as we move forward.

Within Q1, we plan to announce our new exchange partners to list the DARC-24B token. We are excited to introduce exchanges with a token that will allow for better liquidity for DARC token holders.

2020 is an important year for Konstellation Network as we will be developing our own blockchain and with ventures as part of Konstellation Venture Studio. KVS will be developing products that will benefit the ecosystem overall long term as we continue to add value for DARC. We appreciate your continued support as our advocates, which will continue to be important in our future.


The Konstellation Team

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.