Konstellation Q4 2021 Product Development Updates 🚀

There have been many developments concerning the expansion, support, and infrastructure of the $DARC token economy in Q4 2021. This quarter, we finalized several development wins, marking Q4 2021 as an exciting time for the Konstellation community and the $DARC Knights Army. From launching the beta version of Konstellation’s mainnet to releasing to supporting both a DAO and an NFT project, the Konstellation network has been growing at a rapid pace.

Let’s drill down into a more detailed description of the product development updates for Konstellation's Q4 2021. The completion of the updates below has put Konstellation on pace to have a gigantic 2022.

Konstellation Development

Konstellation Network 😎

The beta version of the Konstellation network’s mainnet has been released. Konstellation is looking to onboard validators to the network (if you are interested in becoming a validator, please contact us at info@konstellation.tech). Furthermore, the Konstellation network officially unveiled a few new features that significantly improve user experience. Konstellation Bridge was released in November and allows the transfer of $DARC across Binance Chain, Konstellation, and Binance Smart Chain. Hubble Wallet was also announced in November and is a new and upgraded version of the old DARCwallet. Through Hubble, users can send/receive DARC, and users can also stake + earn $DARC by delegating $DARC to validators. As of early December, over 70% of DARC is bonded to a validator.

Source: Konstellation Explorer


Q4 2021 saw $DARC take multiple steps towards listing on a DEX. In an effort to provide more options for token holders to use $DARC and to support the soon-to-come DEX listing on PancakeSwap, we have airdropped a new DARC token (DARC-087) on Binance Chain that will be used officially moving forward. The new token (DARC-087) unlocks cross-chain functionality because it can be used in the Konstellation Bridge — connecting $DARC across Binance Chain, Konstellation, and, crucially, Binance Smart Chain.

With $DARC now available on Binance Smart Chain, Konstellation is looking to list on PancakeSwap soon. On December 6th, we pushed a community vote to PancakeSwap that would see $DARC included into PancakeSwap’s “Syrup Pool,” which would give bonus rewards in $CAKE to users providing liquidity on $DARC pairs.

(Enabling users to transfer DARC across multiple chains is an integral part of Konstellation’s plan of building infrastructure for global decentralized capital markets. Multichain $DARC is THE reason Konstellation is built on Cosmos. Integration with Cosmos’s IBC protocol and the Cosmos SDK offers excellent connectivity and interoperability within the Cosmos ecosystem. In addition, as Cosmos is inherently a connector of blockchains, DARC transfers to new networks, like Ethereum and Solana, should be possible in the future.)


The VegaX team has been hard at work building out a premier digital asset management firm. Notably, for the first time, VegaX crossed $200 million assets under management (AUM) in early December. The jump in AUM coincided with the launch of VSOL, an investment product tracking the five largest tokens by market cap in the Solana ecosystem. At the time of writing, it is already the third-largest investment product on VegaX, despite being live for a short period of time. In addition to new AUM heights and the VSOL launch, the VegaX website was tweaked to improve the user experience regarding the strategy and index pages.

Into the Metaverse

Konstellation, as a network, is inherently crypto native. With that in mind, in Q4, Konstellation began supporting three distinct decentralized projects:

  • Hold My Ledger DAO → Konstellation is the first sponsor of Hold My Ledger DAO — a content creation DAO focused on India — which has been making content for Konstellation and growing the $DARC community.
HoldMyLedgerDAO Twitter
  • Squid Squad OG → This is an NFT project based on Squid Game. In Q4, Squid Game OG released a whitepaper, completed the collection’s artwork, and launched a website. Squid Game OG will utilize $DARC in an auction system.
Squid Squad Art
  • Taebit → While still in development, Taebit will be a decentralized exchange that offers native stablecoin minting.
Live look at developers working on Taebit…

Konstellation Updates — Q1 2022 — A Look Ahead

The team has been hard at work to deliver on the expanded vision of Konstellation — to become a decentralized cross-chain capital markets optimization protocol. The Konstellation ecosystem will enable users to make the most of their investments. With key events coming up, such as PancakeSwap listing, the launch of Taebit + Squid Squad OG, along with the expectation of sustained excellence from VegaX investment strategies and the Konstellation network, the team is excited to take another step towards delivering on the updated vision to support the #DeFi capital markets!

Comments and questions? Send the team an email here: info@konstellation.tech

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.