Konstellation Product Roadmap — Q3 and Q4 2021

Images of Alkemy and DARC to represent Konstellation Q3 and Q4 product roadmap.

We’re excited to share with you, our Konstellation community, the product roadmap for the remainder of 2021. This will provide you with updates on product development initiatives that the Konstellation development team has been working on and the new features that will be available very soon.

We are confident that these features will provide an upgraded user experience and will contribute to continuing the creation of next-generation innovations that this industry has become known for producing. Thanks again to our supportive community. More to come on specific product updates, based on the roadmap below.


The DARCwallet will be redesigned. Currently, DARCwallet can be used to store tokens such as DARC tokens. It can also be used to enable features like staking and the ability to use DARC as collateral. With the redesign, DARCwallet users will be able to use DARC as collateral for synthetic assets. Soon, DARC staking will be integrated to provide discounts on fees for VegaX products, further connecting Konstellation and VegaX via the DARC token ecosystem, and providing additional incentives for staking DARC tokens!

Blockchain Explorer

The Konstellation Blockchain Explorer is being redesigned for Q4 2021 to provide an enhanced user-experience, easier site navigation, and additional features. The Konstellation Blockchain Explorer is a website that enables anyone to see what is happening on the Konstellation blockchain, including all transactions, blocks produced, and validators. This will continue to be useful as we continue to expand the DARC token ecosystem and use cases.

IBC Integration

IBC integration will be implemented before the end of 2021. It will enable the Konstellation blockchain to communicate with other blockchains and daaps like Ethereum and Solana, creating an interconnected network of blockchains. This will ultimately provide users with more opportunities to seamlessly access and transition between blockchains.

Introducing: Project Alkemy 🔐

We are currently in the process of developing Alkemy, a platform that will enable the use of synthetic assets within the Konstellation ecosystem. Synthetic assets are assets that produce the same effect as ownership of an entirely different asset. In other words, synthetic assets reflect the price in the crypto world of any other assets that exist in the “real” world. This is is another opportunity for the expansion of the DARC token ecosystem and another use case for DARC based on synthetics. The updated Konstellation lite paper (to be released shortly) goes into this project and the specifications in more depth.

Phase 1

The introduction of synthetic assets will offer new possibilities to investors who further diversify their investment portfolios. Phase 1 of Alkemy, which will include the basic structure of the platform, such as the homepage, sign-up, login, plus one or two use cases of the platform will be finished by the end of Q3 or early Q4.

Notification Service Feature and Phase 2

A notification service feature that will send alerts to users of the Alkemy synthetic asset platform if they lack collateral funds for their synthetic assets will also be ready for release by the end of Q3 or early Q4. Phase 2 of the Alchemy platform will be completed at a future date to be determined soon and will provide additional functionality to the platform itself.

Q3 and Q4 include quite a few core development initiatives that will create great opportunities and value for the DARC token and expansion of the DARC token ecosystem with the use of the Konstellation Network. We’ll share the updated lite paper for Konstellation in the near future.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

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