Konstellation Mainnet Specifications

Let’s unpack $DARC token distribution and information on how to run a validator!

If you’re wondering about technical information regarding the Konstellation mainnet, this announcement will answer all your questions!

Token Distribution / Specification

848 million DARC is stored in a wallet reserved for Konstellation Bridge. This enables DARC holders to SWAP DARC between the Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain. The remainder of DARC has already been allocated onto the mainnet and is held within corporate wallets. This portion of DARC will be locked and staked.

Any change in the inflation rate will directly impact the staking reward offered to DARC stakers. Thus, due to the inflation rate, the staking rewards on the Konstellation network will be as follows:

  • The minimum inflation rate will be 8% (this also represents the minimum yield for validators on the network)
  • The maximum inflation rate is fixed at 20%
  • The maximum annual change in inflation rate is 13%
  • As transactions increase on the network and fees are paid in DARC, the yield to validators will increase.

The unbonding (or unstaking) period will be 21 days for DARC on the Konstellation network.


Validators are critical to the smooth operation of the Konstellation network. The more qualified validators we have on the network, the better it will be for Konstellation.

In order to run a node, a validator should have:

  • Static IP
  • Uninterrupted stable connection
  • RAM 8 GB, (best if SSD) 40 GB
  • The server must have the ability to increase ROM within its lifetime.

Ten validator nodes, operated by Konstellation Korea, are already live on the mainnet of Konstellation Network. Each validator node has been initiated with 1 000 000 DARC. You will find below the address of the ten validators nodes on Konstellation:

  • darc16n226c7p4fkmrgxjsclln38qthulggmr5xkkug
  • darc1sehh6z74x04y0rzmfhn0gw7z9jl7c3a99ns0p0
  • darc16cmu7rvtzrxqxtv84z6u9qgl2272fak8xxaexr
  • darc1zhdr6rulr45vmve6k4nq400yzwca549c4cvmpk
  • darc1425ps0w00hxy0f0ykvvalq4dpdztn9sq6u838h
  • darc1u4l2ml7x5jnvx3lkqg5n834yclp7uvv66j5dg6
  • darc1k067flzylvev4tqvu5mxhtpd5n3kxcnlxv4jfd
  • darc1kv4t2fzygpdsgra0z4fc07fu9x9jxpu8fgltxm
  • darc19sr2l8w5ht5xd0f5n3p0tv8dhws2fsfwz7n6h5
  • Darc1fcyf6zrn60nuxaacqlcla884mqtxzu844s7kfy

We are excited to connect with more qualified validators to improve our network even further.

Want to become a validator and join the Konstellation network? Here’s a tutorial on how to run a validator node on Cosmos.

✨KONSTELLATION Network is a blockchain protocol built on Cosmos Network’s SDK creating a global infrastructure for the future of decentralized capital markets.

To keep up with Konstellation, attend one of our scheduled AMAs and follow us on:

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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