Konstellation Mainnet Launch Date Confirmed 🙌

After months of testing, we are now ready to launch the Konstellation Network’s Mainnet! The Mainnet will officially launch on October 11th at 11PM KST.

What will be included in the Mainnet?

The Mainnet will include the smart contracts that are required for the launch of the synthetic asset platform announced in the latest litepaper, Alkemy. It will also include the smart contract that will enable the swap of $DARC tokens onto the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

With this big step completed, we are almost ready to release the Konstellation Bridge features, which will enable DARC holders to seamlessly swap their DARC onto the Binance Smart Chain. (…to prep for #DEX time 😎)

Why the Mainnet Matters

The Konstellation Network’s Mainnet is the blockchain technology that will connect the broader #Konstellation ecosystem to allow $DARC holders to access additional token utility features provided by Konstellation products such as Alkemy. There are also plans to seamlessly integrate VegaX Holdings (crypto-index platform) and Taebit (DeFi yield generation tools) into the Konstellation Ecosystem, creating more value for DARC holders. In order to achieve our vision of continuing to build infrastructure for the DeFi capital markets, the release of our Mainnet is an important step toward reaching this goal! Read more on Alkemy and Taebit below. More to come on these important additions to the Konstellation ecosystem.

What is Alkemy?

Alkemy is a platform within the Konstellation Ecosystem that will enable stablecoins to be used for synthetic asset investing. You can read more about Alkemy in the litepaper here.

What is Taebit?

Taebit is DeFi platform specifically designed to make blockchain and cryptocurrency easily accessible to the Korean market. You can read more about Alkemy in the litepaper here.

More to come next week! Product development updates, including more on Konstellation Bridge and swap functions.

Konstellation Network Blockchain Explorer

👉🏼 https://explorer.konstellation.tech/

Comments and questions? Send the team an email here: info@konstellation.tech

✨KONSTELLATION Network is a blockchain protocol, built on Cosmos Networks SDK, creating a global infrastructure for the future of the decentralized capital markets.

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