Konstellation Hosts Cosmos Developer Workshop at HackAtom Seoul 2022

Konstellation Network (DARC)
2 min readAug 17, 2022


KryptoSeoul presented its second hackathon — the 2022 HackAtom took place in Seoul, South Korea. Preceding BUIDL ASIA 2022, the HackAtom hosted South Korea’s best hackers for 72 hours straight. The teams competed to take home $300,000 worth of crypto prize pool and judges awarded the best teams that built the Interchain vision.

Konstellation sponsored the Bronze tier at HackAtom Seoul 2022 — our COS Ryan Kim spoke on behalf of Sang Lee (Co-Founder and CEO).

Ryan Kim (COS) welcomes Cosmos developers at HackAtom Seoul 2022

There were also a series of educational workshops — our CTO Beomsoo Kim led a workshop for the Cosmos developers.

Beomsoo Kim (CTO) introduces Konstellation and its ecosystems to Cosmos developers at HackAtom Seoul 2022

A workshop was also held by notable professionals in Cosmos and its ecosystems:

Ethan Buchman (Co-Founder of Cosmos)

Billy Rennekamp (Cosmos Hub Lead of Interchain Foundation)

Josh Lee (Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs and Team Chainapsis)

Jake Hartnell (Co-Founder of Junø and Stargaze Protocol)

• Nic Z. (Co-Founder of Evmos)

Ismail Khoffi (Co-Founder and CTO of Celestia)

• Beomsoo Kim (CTO of Konstellation Network (DARC))

If you missed the livestream, you can still watch the recorded version on Cosmos Youtube channel: here

Congratulations to all the winners!

A list of all the winners in HackAtom 2022

We look forward to meeting with everyone we met at HackAtom next year! Until then, we will keep building in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Konstellation is currently growing our Cosmos dev team. We are on the lookout for solid talent! Check our Notion for hiring details.

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