DARCwallet Upgrades to Support Ethereum / ERC-20 #ETH 💡

Cheers to the Konstellation Community! As mentioned towards the end of 2020, we have some #DARCwallet updates to share — specific to ETH / ERC20 integrations that will be available to users by the end of February 2021. We had some issues with gas functions that are being tested and fixed currently. See below for more details on the integration and what the team is currently working on for the next set of DARCwallet upgrades! We will announce on social channels, when the upgrade is live to users✅

Konstellation & The DARC Token Shares #DARCwallet Upgrade to Include #ETH / ERC-20 Support and Functionality. Upgrade to be available in late February: 4.4.0

As we noted at the end of 2020, the team updated the latest version(4.3.0–4.4.0) to include ETH/ERC20 integration into DARCwallet, to make it easier for users to interact with ETH via DARCwallet and to prepare DARCwallet users for the introduction of the DARC-ERC20 token. The upgrade includes two-way swap of DARC-ERC20 to DARC-24B, which will be available to users when version 4.4.0 is released at the end of February. Review details on the previous upgrade here.

Key Updates Included in DARCwallet Upgrade (4.4.0)

Key Questions: DARCwallet + ETH/ERC-20 Updates

Why is the Konstellation creating an ERC-20 version of DARC?

Why Integrate ETH / ERC-20 into DARCwallet?

Do we HAVE to swap our tokens from DARC-24B to DARC-ERC20?

What are next steps for DARCwallet and the DARC-ERC20 token?

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