🔊DARCwallet Update Version 4.3.0 Available December 18, 2020 🔊

DARCwallet Upgrade Available December 18, 2020 — Transfer any XEM you may hold in DARCwallet before December 18, 2020!

DARCwallet 4.3.0 Updates:

✅ Removal of XEM and NEM Mosaic

  • In this update, we are removing the XEM and NEM mosaic support functions. These features were more directly tied to the earlier version of DARC’s NEM Mosaic, however now that the swap period is complete and the token is now officially the DARC-24B (BEP2), we will be removing all XEM/NEM mosaic support.
  • ‼IMPORTANT‼: If you currently hold XEM in your DARCwallet, you will need to transfer the XEM to another wallet. Alternatively, you can save your private keys for your NEM wallet in order to import your NEM to another wallet application. You can access your private keys in the DARCwallet settings. As of December 18, 2020, you will no longer be able to access XEM via DARCwallet.

✅ Un-staking Control Functions Updated

  • This version of DARCwallet will allow users to un-stake partial amounts of DARC tokens. Previous versions of DARCwallet supported un-staking for the total amount of DARC tokens at once. The new version allows for partial unstaking based on the user’s choice.
  • Please note: The same fees apply for un-staking, regardless of the amount of tokens un-staked.

✅ FAQ Update

  • Version 4.3.0 Includes a significant FAQ update to support the latest features and functions of DARCwallet. We will continue to update the FAQ with each release as needed.



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.