DARCwallet Check — $DARC Airdrop Alert!

Images of DARC being airdropped
DARCwallet Check — $DARC Airdrop Alert! — Konstellation

💥DARC Airdrop Details

We are prepping for the DEX exchange listing and other plans to strengthen the DARC token ecosystem via the Konstellation Network. In an effort to provide more options for token holders to use DARC and to support the soon-to-come DEX listing on PancakeSwap, we have airdropped a new DARC token that is DARC-BEP2 that will be used officially moving forward.

Next Steps:

You won’t be able to see your DARC-BEP2 in your DARCwallet. In order to see the DARC-BEP2 token, you need to export your private key from your DARC wallet to Binance wallet web extension (and later Hubble wallet).

  • The next upgrade of the Konstellation Bridge, will support DARC-ERC20 swap features, which will be released in line with the next DEX listing.


Why Airdrop? Why do we have to swap?

First, holders won’t have to do anything in order to receive the new DARC. Airdrop will directly happen in their wallet at 1:1 ratio.

Why Now?

This airdrop needed to be aligned with the release of the swap feature as well as the pancake listing for DARC.

Will tokens be burned?

Yes, we will proceed to a first token burn of 51 million DARC that will reflect the tokens that haven’t been sold during the pre-sale. Other burns are planned but we currently don’t have information on the number of tokens and the dates.

How do I know which DARC to use for the Swap/Bridge?

It depends which way you want to send your DARC and what you want to do with it.

  • DARC native is the version that will be used on the Konstellation network (staking, DARC use cases like Alkemy, VegaX…).
  • DARC BEP2 is the version that will be airdropped on the Binance chain.
  • DARC BEP20 or DARC-087 on Binance smart chain is related to the Binance smart chain Daaps. So if you want to use your tokens on Pancakeswap then DARC-BEP2 will need to be swapped into the Binance smart chain counterpart. (DARC-BEP20)

What is the Konstellation bridge?

Konstellation bridge is the interface that will allow DARC holders to swap their DARC-BEP2 <> DARC-BEP20 (Binance smart chain) at first and also enables transfers of DARC to the Konstellation network blockchain
with the DARC native version. BEP-20 > Konstellation DARC swap (one way) is also possible using the Konstellation bridge.

Is the new token still called DARC?

Yes. The old token was DARC-24B, the Airdropped token is called DARC-BEP2 (which can also be written as DARC-087) and is on binance chain and the other version on Binance smart chain is DARC BEP-20. Darc used on the Konstellation network will be called Konstellation DARC.

Will there be an ERC20 version? If so, when?

Yes, we don’t have a date for that implementation yet. But a swap to the Ethereum blockchain is on our roadmap.

Will this be listed on Uniswap next?

Once we enable the swap with the Ethereum blockchain we will be able to be listed on Uniswap.

What is going to happen to DARC wallet? Do we need to use a different wallet?

You will be able to see your DARC-BEP2 using your DARC-24B private key in DARC Wallet and exporting it on the Binance wallet extension. We are working on Hubble wallet which is going to replace DARC wallet. Hubble will bring a lot of upgrades for the Konstellation wallet. The migration from DARC wallet to Hubble will be easy.

Will there be another airdrop?

We have no additional airdrops planned at this time.



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.