🔊Official Invitation — Validators for Incentivized Testnet Needed!🚀


Konstellation Network Testnet Phase 2 is officially launched 🙌🏼🚀

The key objectives during this testing stage are to collect comments and feedback from the tester nodes and to identify and rectify any potential bugs, issues and/or errors.

We also hope that many members of the Cosmos Network and Tendermint communities will participate as #nodes for the Konstellation Network Testnet Phase 2.

Depending on the outcome of the testing process, more validators may be included in order to produce more robust results with testing.

  • Collect feedback and comments from potential validators to improve the user interface and the enhanced reliability of the #Konstellation Network
  • Collaborate with qualified validators and give them opportunities to earn #DARC
  • Expand the global Konstellation & The DARC Token Network community
  • This is to reward as well as incentivize our most loyal supporters; we will be analyzing requests to join as validator, based on the reviewed DARC balance. Following your request to join, we will request the wallet address with the DARC balance and this will also be where the rewards are sent after the conclusion of testnet.
  • Static IP
  • Uninterrupted stable connection
  • RAM 8 GB, ROM 40 GB.
  • Expect equipment upgrades as the network gets busier. It is highly recommended to have a fully functional, equally powerful backup server.
  • Firewalls installed for both servers.
  • To set up multiple sentry nodes to connect to the validator node. This involves spinning up multiple full nodes on AWS or a similar service, and allowing the validator node to only connect to these nodes.

🔊You can find a full list of tasks and rewards HERE

What if I have a question while participating in the testnet?



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.