Konstellation Community Q&A — September Week 1'2020 🤓🚀

Sharing responses and updates from the Konstellation Management team, based on the latest questions from the Konstellation Network community!🚀 The below reflects questions from the end of August through the first week of September 2020. Thanks for the questions, please read below for responses. Submit questions via telegram or email: Info@konstellation.tech

Sharing answers from Konstellation’s Management team on latest questions from the Konstellation Community

DARC Tokens: Burn — Swap — Stake

Is the token swap officially over? Why was there a swap after the deadline?

  • Yes, the token swap is officially over! As mentioned, we did extend the deadline for investors who missed the original deadlines. This deadline has passed and we do not anticipate any further swap activity.

What are the final Token Burn details?

  • We will provide this update via medium shortly, along with details on burn timing. The totals include the amount noted in the white paper (51,332,761.172595 DARC) and the outstanding token supply that was not swapped prior to the DARC-24B token swap deadline. More details to follow.

Why is the staking amount/total, larger than the circulating supply?

  • Staking totals include vesting pools and also tokens held by seed investors. They are not in circulating supply with regards to trading.

How much longer will staking continue?

Product Development: Testnet — Mainnet — Validators

What is the latest on Mainnet launch and how is testnet progressing?

  • We are still working hard on Phase 2 of the testnet and are currently in the process of courting more test validator nodes. Cosmos is continuously being upgraded as well and as many in the community know, the technology is progressing at breakneck speeds. We are simultaneously trying to stay on top of all the changes being updated while also developing the Konstellation network ourselves.

What/Where are the details on Validator requirements?

  • We are working on this and will share documentation on requirements in the near future. We will make an announcement to the community when this documentation is live.

When can we see an updated product roadmap that specifically includes Konstellation, VegaX, and DARC?

  • Yes, we are working on this as an added exhibit for the “litepaper” and we will share this visual with explanations as a separate content piece via medium.


Is there an update on exchanges?

  • Though we are in active discussions, we do not have a firm date to provide at this time. As we get closer to a firm listing date, we will communicate this to the community.

Whitepaper Updates:

Where is the updated whitepaper?

  • We have prioritized the release of the new “litepaper” which describes more about the Konstellation Network and it’s connection to VegaX Holding’s. We are simultaneously making updates to the whitepaper that was released in May 2020.


Are there plans to expand the team by hiring more members?

  • Yes, we plan to hire more team members to support Konstellation’s business and product development in Asia.

Thanks for the questions! Please continue to provide new questions via telegram and/or email below.

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, a niche blockchain-based service ecosystem specifically for the financial services industry.