Konstellation Ask Me Anything Summary (AMA) — December 15th, 2021

On December 15th, the founders of Konstellation did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. In the #AMA, the founders provided information on company updates, the company's progress toward product development, the timing for a DEX listing, Konstellation marketing, and more.

If you missed the AMA and want to follow what was discussed directly, you can find a zoom video of the AMA discussion here and a Youtube video here.

To refresh yourself on everything that Konstellation completed in Q4 2021, check out this article summarizing an exciting period of growth for the Konstellation community and $DARC Knights Army.

Konstellation Marketing

"We have signed a partnership with a big marketing PR firm. The official announcement will come out soon. They will be helping us with marketing for the brand, for the network, and our ecosystem projects in 2022, which will help accelerate our growth.

I know people are really focused on marketing and growing Telegram and making it super active. But we are more focused on building out products versus building the hype. However, we do understand and appreciate the fact that market visibility and growing that type of community is essential. So hence why we signed the partnership. We plan to kick that off in early January."

DARC DEX Listing

"A Syrup Pool vote for DARC has gone live on PancakeSwap, which, if passed, would incentivize users to provide liquidity for the DARC listing through CAKE rewards. However, there are a few folks holding CAKE who have been unable to due to PancakeSwap's Snapshot functionality.

We have a road to DEX approach where we’re looking at multiple options. PancakeSwap will likely be our first listing, but we are also in discussions with Osmosis as well, which is a Cosmos native DEX, and Serum, which is a DEX based on Solana. Listings are coming. The exact timing is to be announced, but the listings are coming.”

Konstellation Network Development Updates

Konstellation Bridge

"Q4 was very focused on mainnet and bridging DARC. The first phase of the buildout was a Binance Smart Chain → Konstellation bridge. And then the second phase is bridging Konstellation back to Binance Smart Chain. The third part of the bridge, which is in development and hasn't been announced as of yet, is tied to the native Solana version of DARC that will help us use Serum (or other Solana-based DEX systems)."

Squid Squad OG

"We're in the early alpha phase of Squid Squad OG, which is a gamified NFT project that will allow players to play rock-paper-scissors each other. It will utilize DARC with price pools built on Solana — meaning there will be a native Solana version of DARC. Squid Squad OG is scheduled to be finished internally for final testing by the end of this year. We're going to be releasing the official roadmap on that pretty shortly."


"The other ecosystem project that we want to highlight is Taebit, which started as a DEX, but is turning into something more through the development of a new platform called "Alkemy Mint.” Alkemy mint is a single-reserve omni-currency stablecoin system using an algorithmic heterogeneous protocol — meaning that users will be able to mint stablecoins in different types of fiat currencies. Minting stablecoins will allow Taebit, as a Solana-based DEX, to trade stablecoin pairs, like a foreign exchange market. We will be able to have actual foreign exchange pairs with stablecoins.

Taebit is super important. It will be a global, decentralized exchange — free from censorship. All the details are being finalized, and a white paper will be released soon. It will be built on Solana and we intend for Taebit to be multi-currency, with bridges connecting it to multiple chains. This goes back to the vision of Konstellation as cross-chain infrastructure for DeFi capital markets."


"We think that India is going to be a huge market, so we are advising and contributing to a DAO that is exclusively focused on content development and education in India called HoldMyLedgerDAO that was launched a couple of weeks ago."


"We're super happy to see that 70% of DARC is bonded to the network. We have been working on our validator base to find validators comfortable with Cosmos. We have been in conversations with Cosmos Station and Osmosis Zone."


How is Konstellation handling marketing and community development?

"As I said, we've signed with a very prominent marketing firm. Once the announcement comes out, I think you guys have pretty excited about it. On the listing side, we'd ideally like to put marketing out first.

We are kind of toward the end of the year, which is kind of a lull point. We are in active discussions with Serum, Osmosis, and PancakeSwap concurrently. The bridge-building that needs to occur is also happening behind the scenes for DARC itself.

Our goal is to get as many DARC use cases live in conjunction with any exchange announcements. That's really the goal so that we can 1) continue to show you guys the value in the token in the project and 2) make sure that we continue to attract new folks and build this community."

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us here. You will also have the chance to ask more questions in our next AMA in 2022!

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