Konstellation Announces Launch of Konstellation Venture Studio

Konstellation CEO Sang Lee introduces VegaX to an audience in Shanghai.
Graphic courtesy of the Christensen Institute.

Step 1: Invest

We invest capital, services and talent to incubate revolutionary ideas that have the potential for significant impact in the rapidly growing blockchain-enhanced financial services industry. Many ideas need capital or human resources to take them from an idea to a marketable product serviced by a company. We believe that type of innovation is better when it is not restricted by financing. Konstellation can provide the support necessary to bring these entrepreneurial visions to life.

Step 2: Partner

We utilize the expertise from our family of companies to provide foundational support to get the idea off the ground. Konstellation was developed by the co-founders of DarcMatter, a fund marketplace for alternative investments. DarcMatter’s vision, formulated by its CEO Sang H. Lee, goes beyond improving the paperwork-intensive process of vetting and curating a set of premium investment opportunities from private equity, venture capital and hedge funds. Konstellation Network was developed in the service of this vision to expand the impact of blockchain technology in the global financial services industry.

Step 3: Scale

We will advise our portfolio companies on strategies to scale their businesses and tap into our wider network of technology partners and institutional investors to find synergies and forge partnerships. DarcMatter’s network alone spans across 62 countries and thousands of qualified investors. We will help the companies that participate in the venture studio go to market with the help of our network. After this step, these projects should be market ready. For KVS, each company and product will be a reflection of the Konstellation brand and will not only contribute to the growth of the community, but will also impact the value proposition of our ecosystem.

Introducing VegaX

The first company that will be launching as part of the Konstellation Venture Studio is VegaX, which aims to be the world’s first comprehensive cryptocurrency platform to provide enhanced data feeds and tokenized asset management products using volatility as an asset. The cryptocurrency market is naturally volatile, primarily due to its short history compared to other financial markets. Nonetheless, we believe that there is an underserved market niche for products that would allow investors to profit from the movement of the market. VegaX will be run in partnership with one of the largest accelerators in the world. We will be sharing additional news about this in an upcoming press release. In the meantime, please sign up for our mailing list on https://vegaxholdings.com.



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