Konstellation AMA Recap: September 2022

Q2 2022 Updates

Recent Listing on MEXC

DARC is now available on Raydium, Osmosis, and MEXC Global
Trading Pair: DARC/USDT

Design Upgrade for Konstellation Bridge

The Konstellation Bridge has been redesigned to enhance the user experience. There are a few key features that have been added to maximize efficiency and ensure that functionality is maintained under any conditions.

  • Updated transaction parser
  • Updated method of handling unsuccessful transactions

UX/UI Upgrades + Enhanced Security and Stability

Konstellation has upgraded its UX/UI and mainnet to enhance security and stability in its ecosystem.

Cosmos SDK v0.45 Upgrade

  • Increase maximum character limit from 5K to 10K characters for proposals
  • Reduce the RAM usage
  • Speeds up IBC migration times

Konstellation UX/UI Improvement

  • Improvement of UX/UI (Main page/Explorer/Bridge/Hubble)
  • Minimize bugs and errors in the browser
  • Loading speed is more efficient — from 6 seconds to 1–2 second(s)

Trusted Validator Program

The foundation will be giving more power to our validators, in order to be more decentralized. Currently, Konstellation is offering a program called the Additional Incentive Program — it aims to recruit new validators to the Konstellation Network.

  • Introduction
  • Experience(s)
  • Portfolio — past/current nodes

    Through this program, we will be able to empower our validators to delegate and validate the DARC token.

What are Taebit and Alkemy?

As a part of the Konstellation ecosystem, Taebit is the world’s first decentralized FOREX DEX allowing censorship-proof access to the global financial markets. Taebit is integrated with Alkemy and allows users to trade any type of stablecoin denominated to any currency with no barriers to entry, minimal fees, low slippage, and deep liquidity. All the features mentioned above are possible by Inter Stable Swap(ISS), which creates the most efficient decentralized swap feature that allows the users to trade any currency regardless of the liquidity of that currency.

The Relationship Between Taebit and Alkemy

Taebit is the decentralized exchange(DEX) powered by the Forex market. This Forex market has required the implementation of the Alkemy protocol which is the stablecoin minting engine. Taebit allows Alkemy stablecoins to have a market rate that is optimized by ISS.

Dynamics of Alkemy Stablecoin Engine

Alkemy stablecoin engine uses a Hybrid mechanism that requires USDC collaterals and Alkemy native token, PRIMA for minting. The balance ratio uses an algorithm that makes the ratio responsive and dynamic to market conditions in order to protect pegging.

The Relationship Between $DARC and Taebit

  1. Federated Quantum Governance: This governance system allows the swap of token governance between Konstellation and its ecosystem. DARC holders can participate in Taebit governance and earn rewards.
  2. The Fee Mechanism denominated in DARC on Taebit: The users denominated DARC for their fee payments can get discounts.

Taebit’s Bug Bounty Program

Taebit launched ARTEMIS: Bug Bounty Program. The purpose of the Bug Bounty Program is to mitigate any future risk to the TAEBIT platform and improve the overall user experience and to stress-test the TAEBIT system before the public launch.

  • Testing period: September 15, 2022 — September 25, 2022
  • Reward pool: 500,000 $DARC (~$8000 USDC)
  • To participate, visit Taebit’s Discord

Konstellation is Hiring!


Next AMA

  • Partner AMA with Bruisers Calls
  • Over 65,ooo community members in the DeFi space
  • Date: September 30, 2022, 2022 (Friday)
  • Time: 9am — 9:30am KST



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.