Konstellation AMA: July 8th– 10 PM ET!🎯 Join us! (July 9th, 11 AM KT)

Join Konstellation & The DARC Token’s Co-Founder’s for the Q2/Q3 Live AMA on July 8, 10 PM ET via Zoom & YouTube!

Join Us: July 8, 2021 at 10 PM ET!

💡Key Details

✅Live AMA Access:

✍Submit Questions for the AMA:

📃Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Konstellation Network Product Development Updates
  • Q2 — Q3 Product Roadmap Updates
  • DEX Listing Details, Timing, & Next Steps
  • Konstellation Rebrand + Channel Updates
  • …and more! Questions will also be answered from the community Q&A spreadsheet noted above!



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