Konstellation Ask Me Anything Summary (AMA) — August 25th 2021

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Konstellation Ask Me Anything Summary (AMA) — August 25th 2021

On August 25th, the founders of Konstellation completed another Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. In the #AMA the founders provided information on company updates, what the team has been working on, and more.

If you missed the AMA and want to follow what was discussed directly, you can find a zoom video of the AMA discussion here and a Youtube video here.

Konstellation Company Updates

“There are a lot of things we have been working on. One of the things we mentioned previously was the rebrand. We have been working on the rebrand and revitalizing Konstellation and its Ecosystem. A network is only as strong as its Ecosystem and the vision for Konstellation has been more crystalized but also expanded a bit. Now we are talking about capital markets. DeFi is one avenue that we have but in actuality the marketplace needs to get much larger and become more efficient. Products that exist across different protocols need to coexist in harmony, and that’s what we are building at Konstellation.

We have been building toward blockchain interoperability. Cosmos SDK is not smart contract native, which means we have had to create the smart contracts on top of the network.

Back to rebranding, we jumpstarted the Whitepaper, and have chained it to a much lighter litepaper. It talks about the specific tools we are building and using and they are all tied to capital markets and investment opportunities.”

Technical Updates

“A lot of the work we are doing right now is building smart contracts on the module that we need to build on for Cosmos SDK based blockchains. We have to build these modules that basically allow the chain to operate a smart contract. Our developers have been doing an awesome job and we are adding more developers to the team to help move that forward. We’ve been working on the blockchain explorer, which is in the testing phase and we are getting closer to mainnet launch.

We have been working on technical work involving the token itself which is leading up to more liquidity. The current token is a Binance chain based token, 24-B, but due to the development of Binance Smart Chain, token holders will be required to swap their DARC 24-B tokens for Binance Smart Chain tokens. This will be able to be done quickly and seamlessly.

That’s a lot of the work we have been doing now. We’ve been focused on hiring developers to expand our Rust capabilities. We’re also working on cool partnerships, but we can’t name them yet, but as you read the litepaper you will probably be able to guess who we are working with. We’ve been building out VegaX as well, and there is going to be a direct use case for DARC in VegaX.

We will be revealing more about our plans for the rest of the year shortly, but it will deal with DARC liquidity and upgrading interfaces.”

Marketing / Communications Updates

“You are going to start to see a lot of what was mentioned regarding technical updates coming through on our social media channels shortly. We have really started re-engaging in our social media. A lot of the communications that you will see there will be related to our brand identity which is around creating infrastructure for DeFi capital markets. This is important because a lot of these tools are being built in a very fragmented way and we think that we will be able to bring everything together with a lot of the cool features and opportunities that we are building.

Thank you for the patience and support as we have continued to build. Our mission is going to be to continue to build the backbone for decentralized capital markets. We will be documenting all of the tech support mentioned in our Medium channel and will be available to provide information via our email and telegram as well. info@konstellation.tech is a great place to reach us.

We have steps that we have to take on the marketing side that we are starting to approach; one was the rebranding and we have specific content we are going to release about that. We also have a website release that we are going to share with you. There will be more marketing support as we prepare to list on some of the DEXes we have mentioned before. We will have marketing campaigns to support that ramp up.

We have a cool sports sponsorship that we are going to announce. Joris has teased a bit of it in the chat. We will talk a bit more about that when it’s official. We will be putting out more content to make sure that you all are updated on the latest with Konstellation and so that you feel like you are a part of the build.

Community Question And Answer

When will the listing happen?

“The listing will happen in September. The specific date will be coming because we want to give everyone the opportunity for the swap and we also are releasing the first use case of DARC native, so we are going to do an issuance event for the native token as well. There will be a couple of things that will happen in September, including the listing on Pancake. We will know the specific date as soon as the airdrop happens. That is all already prepped.

DARC 24-B will no longer be supported so that is not going to be the trading token. How you get to the new token will be super streamlined and easy.”

What do you plan on doing after that?

“We are going to keep looking for other liquidity options but we want native use cases as well so that the value appreciates and everyone can have a direct contribution into the ecosystem and network.”

When will the whitepaper be released?

“It’s done. We just need to publish it. We will be releasing it very soon. There will also be a post about it on Medium so there will be a few ways for you to get the updates and access the litepaper.”

“One thing I wanted to mention again is that VegaX is available for use. The discounts that will be applied tied to VegaX will go to DARC holders. We are already thinking about how to create more staking incentives on the native network. I think there are really exciting opportunities that are coming that are going to jumpstart the DARC ecosystem, so pay close attention and definitely help us promote!”

“We have our next AMA set for October 27th. We will definitely have more updates on the exchanges then since we should be listed by then. We will confirm the time for that one on our regular channels. Thank you for joining and feel free to reach out to us.”

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us here. You will also have the chance to ask more questions in our next AMA on October 27th— check here for the 2021 AMA schedule

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.