Konstellation Ask Me Anything Summary (AMA) — April 28th 2021

Konstellation AMA Recap 2021: April 28, 2021

Konstellation Updates

Community Question And Answer

Why are you choosing to list on a DEX first? Is it for budget reasons? If not for budget reasons, what is the motive for DEX preference?

What things will be in place at the time of listing, that will encourage BUYERS? >25%APY staking? Access to X functioning products/services? Etc?

When will DEX launches start? Please confirm which DEX.

What REALISTIC timeframe do you foresee for the actual listing?

The market is in full bull mode right now. This bullish listing window will be fleeting and probably won't come around again for another 4+ years. How will you ensure you list before it's too late?

When listing on an exchange you WILL NEED market making support. MM support is much harder on a DEX than CEX. How are you planning to protect the market once listed?

Will tokens owned by the team be liquid on day one of listing too? Or will there be a vesting unlock period for team tokens?

What marketing campaigns do you have planned & lined up?

What are your biggest struggles right now and what things are going really well?



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