How to Swap Your NEM Mosaic DARC Tokens for the New BEP2 Version — DARC-24B

Thank you for your interest in our project. In order to enhance our liquidity options and align our development teams with our recent shift to Cosmos technology, we are moving our entire 1 billion token supply of DARC tokens from the NEM public blockchain to Binance Chain. In order to swap your tokens, we have provided a convenient one-way token bridge in DARCwallet.

For those interested in swapping their existing DARC tokens for new DARC-24B tokens based on Binance Chain’s BEP2 token protocol, here’s a quick step-by-step tutorial. If you are already a DARCwallet expert and would prefer to quickly watch a video, please click here (screenshot below).

If you need to upgrade an existing wallet, please see our recent post here. If you are downloading and setting up a new wallet, please see our recent post here.

One situation we do not cover in that post is if you already have an existing Binance Chain wallet address. If so, you might want to import that address instead of creating a new one in DARCwallet. To import a previously used Binance Chain address, please click on the ‘Import’ tab and choose Binance Chain Address as your Wallet type. Select the proper Import Method from the dropdown menu. You can choose from Keystore File, Mnemonic Phrase, or Private Key. Do the necessary actions associated with your chosen import method and click ‘IMPORT WALLET’ as shown below.

NOTE: If you need to export your Binance Chain address to another wallet or you are having trouble with updating DARCwallet, the keystore file and private key can be retrieved under ‘Settings’ in the DARCwallet.

Now that we’ve covered the potential for importing a Binance Chain address…

Let’s swap!

Step 1: Run your DARCwallet.

Log in to your DARCwallet with your previous login and password combination.

In order to complete the swap, you will need both a NEM wallet address and Binance Chain Wallet address within the DARCwallet before proceeding with the swap.

Don’t worry! We walk you through the creation of both of these addresses step by step in our tutorial “How to Create a New DARCwallet” available here. If you open your DARCwallet and for some reason do not have both of these addresses, please refer to that post for help.Once you are done with the steps described above, your DARCwallet dashboard should look like this on the screen below.

At this point, your ‘Wallet’ screen should look like this:

Your screen shoul look something like this. Only you should have a balance of NEM DARC tokens and also a little XEM in your wallet to power the gas for the swap transaction.

Now you are ready to proceed with swapping your NEM DARC tokens for DARC-24B tokens that exist on the Binance Chain.

Step 2: Swap your NEM DARC Tokens for BEP2 DARC Tokens.

Once you are logged in to the Wallet screen of your DARCwallet, hover your cursor over the dark blue DARC token symbol and a pop-up window will appear with a button called ‘SWAP TO DARC-24B’ (shown below).

Click on the ‘SWAP TO DARC-24B’ button and a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to swap your NEM DARC tokens for Binance Chain DARC-24B tokens. Please input the amount you would like to swap. We highly recommend clicking the “ALL” button, as our entire token supply is migrating to Binance Chain. But we understand if you want to try with a little bit of DARC first.

Please note that the required gas (denominated in XEM) per transaction for swapping DARC will be anywhere between 0.15 XEM and 1.30 XEM, depending on the number of DARC tokens you are swapping in each transaction.

The NEM DARC tokens will expire on July 27, 2020. After this date, our NEM DARC tokens will no longer exist on the NEM blockchain and you will no longer be able to swap them for DARC-24B tokens on Binance Chain. For more information on why this is important, please click on our post “Konstellation (DARC) to Migrate DARC Token Supply to Binance Chain.”

The window for the token swap should look like this:

After you have input the amount of DARC NEM tokens you would like to exchange for DARC-24B tokens, all you have to do is click the “SWAP” button and the swap is done. This swap transaction should result in an equivalent amount of DARC-24B tokens being sent to the Binance Chain wallet address tied to your DARCwallet.

Please note that the swap process can take as long as 30 minutes! Please be patient.

Step 3: Confirm that the swap was successful.

Please note that sending and receiving tokens is not instant and may take some time. If you are having trouble or do not see your swapped tokens in your DARC-24B wallet after half an hour, please reach out directly to us on Telegram.

After waiting for at least half an hour, it’s time to check your DARC-24B token balance! If there is a balance in the wallet, then you have successfully swapped your NEM Mosaic DARC tokens for our new DARC-24B tokens based on Binance’s BEP2 token protocol.

Thanks for reading!

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