DarcMatter’s DARC Blockchain Project Update: Sept. 2018

We have been quite busy on all fronts as we continue to grow DarcMatter’s platform business and finalize our blockchain project integration plans! Though we have been very focused on these aspects of the business, we wanted to provide our community with exciting updates that the DarcMatter team has been working on recently. We hope that this can provide some additional clarity as our team continues to grow and build key fintech solutions for the alternatives investment industry globally.

Updated Token Name: from DMC to DARC!

After deliberation internally and with suggestions and voting from the DarcMatter community, we have finally aligned on a NEW token name and are updating all mentions for DarcMatter’s token, to be officially named “DARC” tokens. DarcMatter Coin (DMC) was the initial name we anticipated being able to use, however, it has already been listed in the market, so we wanted to be sure to update our name accordingly, as we continue token distribution. Therefore, look out for DARC tokens in your nanowallets, and any new news on DarcMatter’s DARC token in the near future.

Updated Product Roadmap

At the end of September, we will be releasing a more detailed roadmap for the following 12 months which highlight our dedication to immediate as well as long term visibility and the most value add features for our ecosystem.

Addressing Liquidity and Accessibility

Usability and accessibility to the DARC tokens are key considerations that the DM team is considering in formulating strategies to provide concurrent sufficient liquidity and accessibility into the DARC tokens. At the same time we are carefully monitoring the constantly changing exchange landscape and remaining cognizant of where our investors are domiciled. We have formulated a robust strategy which balances market liquidity with the usability of the tokens which will be accretive to our mission of forever changing the financial services landscape through blockchain.

As such, we have finalized several exchange discussions and are preparing for market liquidity with consideration for current market conditions to maximize the positive effect for all stakeholders. While we are able to proceed with exchanges, current market conditions are not ideal for the overarching market liquidity and we are carefully observing for positive conditions.

Further, we are consistently in discussions with other market exchange providers to due diligence their internal protocols and figure out the best and safest partners that are acting in the best interest of their investors.

We foresee that we will be able to make several official announcements in the near future on our market exchange partners. We cannot comment on the specific exchanges, but will be making announcements on which partners we will work with.

General Updates and Partnerships

As we continue to grow the ecosystem it is critical that we work with increasing numbers of investors and asset managers that are aligned with our vision and also provide the best opportunities to our participants.

We have recently partnered with Keiretsu Forum to maximize our synergies and benefit from their broad investor and venture investment expertise. We will share more on this partnership very shortly amongst others.

Working with top asset manager Skybound Capital to expand their reach into the Korean institutional market. More on this shortly!

We are continuing to expand the team to bring on new fund managers and investors. Various new experts have joined the team to further our reach and platform expansion. Specific team member profiles coming soon. Stay posted.

We are preparing the final details for DarcMatter Alternatives Conference 2018, which is the second annual international conference created by DarcMatter, where we will host global asset managers and Korea institutional investors in Seoul as the leading platform bringing these experts together. We expect blockchain to also be a key topic of interest with these investors and we are very excited to position DM as the leading expert in the field.

TOP FAQs from the DarcMatter Community:

What is the update on exchanges and discussions with potential exchanges?

Unfortunately, we are unable to comment on any specifics regarding exchanges, potential exchanges, or discussions of exchanges at this time. As many in the community are aware, DarcMatter is an SEC/FINRA regulated company, and for compliance and legal reasons, we are unable to make ANY comments regarding exchanges at this time. However, please do know, at the time that there may be potential updates on this front, we will be sure to provide an update to the DarcMatter community as soon as possible.

When can we receive more updates on DarcMatter’s Blockchain Project?

We apologize for the delay in response regarding updates! The team globally, has been quite busy with both expansion plans, platform growth development (we hit over 2400 LPs from 62+ countries in the last 2 weeks!), and blockchain roadmap/integration plans. As we continue to get a firmer handle on the roadmap and next steps here, we will be sure to do a better job at providing our community more timely updates. There will be a lot of new news to share in the upcoming months, and we look forward to including our community in these exciting updates.

Where can we meet the team and what is the conference schedule for the rest of the year?

We will be sharing a conference calendar shortly, that will have the schedule where the DarcMatter team will be participating in conferences/events. We encourage our DARC Community to attend and connect with the DM team locally. To note in the near future, DarcMatter’s management team will be participating at the “Wonder Women in Tech” event in Long Beach, Singapore Blockchain Week, DarcMatter Alternatives Conference (DMAC 2018) in Seoul, and a few other events that we will share with the community shortly.

How can I get in touch with the team and what’s the best way to get my questions answered?

The best way to connect directly with the team will be through the DMCICO@darcmatter.com email inbox. The team will get back to you within 24 hours of sending a message. You can also reach out to the admins in our telegram channel here: https://t.me/DarcMatter

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.