DarcMatter DMC ICO: Revamped Community Rewards Program LIVE!

Thrilled to announce the launch of our Revamped DarcMatter DMC ICO Community Rewards program! Earn stakes to be rewarded with DarcMatter Coin (DMC) when the DarcMatter DMC ICO is complete and be a part of the revolution in financial services.

DarcMatter’s Community Rewards program is focused on spreading the word about DMC and DarcMatter to attract a core community of financial industry enthusiasts, passionate about removing inefficiencies throughout financial services.

Join the DMC Community and participate in the campaigns we have outlined in the DMC Community Rewards Program, and earn DMC while spreading the word!

For more information on the DarcMatter Blockchain Project, visit dmc.darcmatter.com

Visit DMC.DarcMatter.com for More Information

DarcMatter Coin (DMC) — Community Rewards Program Details

There will be 1,000,000,000 DarcMatter Coins (DMC) created in total. The pool of community rewards will award a total of 5,000,000 DMC’s. The breakdown based on each campaign is outlined below.

To participate in the DMC program, you must email DMC-CR@darcmatter.com, with the subject “CR — Participate <Telegram Name>

After you have sent us an email, help grow the DMC community by spreading the word, as per the directions below.

All community rewards will be paid following the DMC Crowdsale.

1. Register on DarcMatter as Investor (25%)

5 stakes: Register on DarcMatter as an individual Accredited Investor

10 stakes: Verified as the representative of a Financial Advisor (use work/firm email for verification)

15 stakes: Verified as the representative of an Institutional Investor (use work/firm email for verification)

100 stakes: Successful investment made to fund available on DarcMatter

Identity verification and KYC must also be completed following registration. Must be registered on DarcMatter as of January 1st, 2018 or later. Any investors registered prior to that time will subject to a separate program.

2. Request Demo on DarcMatter as Asset Manager (10%)

● Request a demo on www.DarcMatter.com as an asset manager.

● Fund must be live and in good standing.

● Fund must be domiciled in the US or a well-known offshore jurisdiction.

10 stakes: Fund is accepted and goes live.

+20 stakes: Fund is engaged with broker dealer and successfully completes due diligence

+50 stakes: — Fund size is greater than US$100 MM

+75 stakes: — Fund size is greater than US$500 MM

+100 stakes: — Fund size is greater than US$1 Bn

3. Telegram Chat (25%)

10 stakes: Join our DarcMatter DMC telegram chat on or after Jan 1st, 2018

15 stakes / week: Constructive posts and accurate replies for questions will be the primary factor for receiving stakes

20 stakes (Max): Become recognized by the DarcMatter Telegram admins as an “All-Star” community member. Answer questions on the Telegram, report spam to admins, and provide quality suggestions to the DarcMatter team.

● DarcMatter DMC Telegram Channel: https://t.me/DarcMatter

Only one account per one person. Use of multiple accounts, cheating and spamming is strictly prohibited and could result in a ban.

Accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.

Please only post constructive and positive information. Unnecessary or unfounded negative information will not be accepted.

Your posts, comments, replies should be of quality and directly related to our project.

Accurate replies to questions in the Telegram chat will be viewed very positively.

Any and all type of spam shall be promptly removed from the Telegram group.

If you do not participate in consistent and active fashion, you will not receive any stake for the current week.

4. Reddit Page (10%)

5 stakes: Subscribe to our Reddit page r/DarcMatterOfficial/

5 stakes (Max): Earn 1 stake, up to 5 stakes, for a comment on a Reddit post.

5 stakes (Max): Earn 1 stake, up to 5 stakes, for sharing a Reddit post.

5. Twitter Campaign (5%)

10 stakes: Follow us on Twitter on or after Jan 1st, 2018

10 stakes: Earn one stake, up to 10 stakes, for each retweet of one of DarcMatter’s posts

5 stakes: Enter the “#WhyDarcMatterCoin campaign”. To participate, post a tweet with the #WhyDarcMatterCoin and post a reason why DarcMatter Coin is primed to make an impact on the financial services world. If your Tweet is picked as our favorite Tweet, you earn an additional 25 stakes!

● DarcMatter DMC Twitter: https://twitter.com/DM_Coin

6. Translation Support (10%)

● Please email dmcico@darcmatter.com with:

- Subject Line: “DMC CR — Translator”

- Within the email please include the language of choice and an example of your work.

1 stake per 10 English words in translation

● We reserve all rights to accept and review any and all work to provide stakes.

7. Content Creation for DMC or DarcMatter Platform (15%)

● Create/Write an article/post about DMC and/or DarcMatter in any language

- Must have at least 1000 characters

- Must contain 2 links to “dmc.darcmatter.com” and/or “www.DarcMatter.com”.

● Please email your content to dmcico@darcmatter.com with:

- Subject Line: “DMC CR — Content”

- Please provide the suggested link to where the drafted content will be published/posted.

- Once submitted, DarcMatter receives all rights to the content and may republish at its discretion.

● At the company’s discretion, each article will be rated and classified as follows:

10 stakes: Rating — 1

30 stakes: Rating — 2

75 stakes: Rating — 3


After the ICO ends, community participants final amount of stakes will be made available via email. The team will also reach out to confirm nano-wallet addresses for token distribution.

We will distribute 5,000,000 DMC in proportion to the amount of stakes each community rewards campaign participant has earned in each category.

The stakes earned in each campaign will NOT be pooled together, but rather the coins allotted for each category will be divided in each category separately.

Please direct all questions via email to “dmc-cr@darcmatter.com” with subject: “DMC — CR Questions” and the team will get right back to you. Please note that you may receive responses from “support@ceta.network.” Ceta Network is working with DarcMatter to facilitate the community rewards program.

DarcMatter reserves the right to remove any participant from a campaign for any reason and reserves the right to delete any participants stakes.

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.