Staking Update: Week 53! May 10, 2021 🚀

Sharing Updated Konstellation #DARCvault Staking Snapshot (Week 53)!📣 We’re sharing DARCvault’s staking snapshot every week through the completion of Konstellation’s Mainnet. Keep staking and earn more DARC!🥳 🎯 In case you missed it — AMA Summary is LIVE + the UPDATED “⚔$DARC Knights Round Table⚔” (Formerly known at the ‘Konstellation Community Council’) application is available. Join us!

Konstellation & The DARC Token’s DARCvault Staking Snapshot: May 10, 2021

DARCvault Staking Snapshot: May 10, 2021

  • Total DARC Staked: 511,773,205.11; -8.35%⬇
  • DARC Token Rewards Distributed: 1,000,000.00; (Max Rewards Distribution Amount Reached)
  • Total DARC Un-Staked: -147,069,219.21