Updated Konstellation #DARCvault Staking Snapshot (Week 5)!📣 We’re sharing DARCvault’s staking snapshot every week through the completion of Konstellation’s Mainnet. See below for latest staking update! This week, 3% increase in DARC Staking and NO un-staking activity to report! 👍 Keep staking and helping our developers!🥳 Also, update DARCwallet, version 4.1.1 (https://konstellation.tech/wallet.html)

Konstellation’s DARCvault Staking Snapshot: June 7, 2020

DARCvault Staking Snapshot: June 7, 2020

  • Total DARC Staked: 43,280,401.33; 3.25% ⬆
  • DARC Token Rewards Distributed: 210,725.35; 2.12% ⬆
  • Total DARC Un-staked: 0

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, a niche blockchain-based service ecosystem specifically for the financial services industry.