How to Access DARC Airdrop Tokens (DARC-BEP2 / DARC-087)

How to Access Your Airdrop Tokens — Konstellation

Note: DARC-BEP2 can also be written as DARC 087. When we mention DARC-BEP2 it means we are talking about DARC in its BEP2 version on the Binance chain and DARC-087 is the name provided for DARC on the Binance chain.

Here is a helpful tutorial on how to see your tokens from the airdrop.

Step 1

Access your Binance wallet extension on your Browser. If you don’t have it yet, download it. You can also download it through your browser store.

Click this link to download it on Chrome:

Step 2

Access your binance extension wallet by clicking on “use existing wallet”. If you have an existing wallet, you can go to Step 3.

If you don’t have a binance chain wallet yet, you can get one. Here’s how:

Click on “Create wallet”

Then “Generate seed phrase”

You then can choose your wallet extension password as shown below:

Step 3

Open your DARC wallet.
First, access the “ settings” in your DARC wallet, then choose the account name where your DARC is located (eg Risjo in the example).

Then choose the digital asset DARC-24B in the “Digital asset” section

Finally, copy your private key using your password as shown below:

Step 4

Go back to your Binance wallet extension menu.

Make sure you are on the Binance chain network (at the top of the window).

Then go to your account settings by clicking in the top right as shown in the red square below:

Click on import account as shown in the red square below:

You can then paste your private key from the DARC that you copied from your DARC wallet where the red rectangle is shown below:

Step 5

Go back on the main view of the Binance wallet extension.
Click on add a new asset then Type DARC in the search bar and add DARC-087 by validating in the yellow square as shown below

You now have your DARC BEP-2 account (from your DARC wallet) that has just been imported into your Binance wallet extension.

Final verification
Make sure your Binance wallet extension account is set up on the imported account and not an other one. You can check that by accessing the settings of in Binance wallet extension by clicking on the button in red square (as shown in picture below)

You should access “My account section”
Please select the imported account (Account that you just imported) in order to see your DARC Airdrop.

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