Calling on Cosmos Content Creators and IBC Gang Projects!

Join us to expand the Cosmos ecosystem!

The Cosmos community has been talking a lot about the lack of organized marketing initiatives to attract new users to the Cosmos ecosystem. But we have seen a surge of content creators and community members creating educational content around Cosmos projects. So, we created a community organized around common values:


Autonomous Discord community and a future DAO (to be created ) to build the future of Hold My Ledger (HML)

Producing high-quality educational and entertaining content

We enable direct crypto rewards for content creators that will provide content for the bounties we are offering

Offer different ways for crypto projects to have exposure for their project

Sponsoring a Twitter Thread about blockchain hot topics, creating tutorial videos about IBC project’s use cases, meme competitions, raising money for community-driven crypto charities and cause and much more…

Community Engagement

Active community members on Discord will be rewarded with $HML token that will be redeemable for $DARC or could be use to buy items from the Discord store (NFT, stickers, roles, whitelist… (in development)

HoldMyLedgerDAO is a platform that aimed to reward content creators with cryptocurrency and active community members will engage to earn when they complete bounties that are sponsored by crypto project partners that will benefit by getting coverage to the community and anyone watching the content produced by the creators.

In this example, the bounty was to create a meme about Konstellation and publish it on Twitter. To claim the reward, bounty hunters can either submit proof of accomplishment through the platform or through the Discord channel in a special channel.

Discord is how we engage with the community by publishing educational content, crypto-breaking news, newsletter, and where community members can talk about crypto day and night. We have established different channels for a different range of topics. We are implementing a bot and system in order to reward community members that will help the community — i.e. answering questions, proposing topics, organizing votes…

We also have a job section for recruitment/hiring for all types of jobs related to Web3 (developer, design, project management, content creation, etc.)
We’re always listening to new recommendations, so anyone can share their ideas to improve the DAO.

That’s why we would like to invite all Cosmos based content creators to join us and all Cosmos/IBC Gang projects that wish to participate in the Cosmos expansion can reach us at or on Twitter

Join the Ledgends!



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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)


DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.