Congratulations to everiToken

Is Binance Chain the Crypto El Dorado?

Certainly, that’s what has become, with the Binance DEX offering all the advantages of the company’s centralized exchange, along with important benefits provided by its decentralized offering. The current platform provides for the secure and efficient processing of transactions that are maintained in a decentralized orderbook maintained by the independently run nodes on Binance Chain. Built upon Cosmos SDK technology, the Binance DEX allows people to keep full custody of their tokens while still enabling them to trade them with speed.

Is this news beneficial to Konstellation?

In short, everiToken made a smart move to incorporate their products and infrastructure into the burgeoning Binance Chain ecosystem. By extension, we’re excited about the prospects of Konstellation Network to benefit from one of our key partners having such liquidity on the Binance DEX.



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