AMA Recap: Part 3

Q: Another thing I was wondering was at all the events you attended. What was the sentiment of the people not in crypto but curious about it?

Sang: The tone and the focus of folks has significantly shifted in the last 6 months with more folks looking for real solutions that they can use and implement, including people from the finance industry. I think it’s really encouraging to see the shift in the attitude. We think a lot of the big moves will come from the Asia pacific region.

Bans: I think generally, there is less hesitancy to experiment in crypto for the non-crypto folks as people start familiarizing themselves with the industry. It’s a good time to be engaging with new-to-crypto folks, particularly larger organizations still trying to figure out how to approach the industry.

Q: Does CTO Stan work out of your NY office or is a freelancer?

A: No, DEF NOT freelance! He’s our CTO, Full Time and heads up the office in Ukraine with all of our product development team. He’s been with us for over 5 years and he also travels to meet with the team as needed.

Q: When do we see a beta version of darc wallet @Sang_Konstellation

Sang: We are going to announce the beta testing period in the next couple of weeks. It’s just one of the elements that we are working on. Another business & tech push is the tokenization of assets/securities will share more details actively.

Q: Yeah is that also a think that DarcMatter is worrying about? Seeing how you can’t make a big move without thinking about regulations. Do you think that will be an issue later on or are you confident that in Asia that will only get better?

Sang: We aren’t worried about regulations as in some respective we are the experts for it. Clarity in regulations would certainly be helpful for adoption and expansion, but we think Asia will move faster in that regard, while Korea still maintains its leadership as a trading market.

To be honest, Korea regulations are still murky, but the strong public positive sentiment is too powerful to override. Other regions in southeast Asia are moving super quickly with a market of 1 Bn+ people it’s something that we can’t ignore!

Q: How many crypto funds have you been able to onboard within the DM eco-system?

Bans: To start, there actually are not that many crypto funds alive, and it is quite a small segment of the space. The crypto winter really halted a lot of activity for these funds, which caused them to stop raising capital all together. As the market continues to develop and bull runs continue, we’d anticipate this market heating back up. With that being said, when we were actively engaged with crypto funds, we had about 5 onboarded on to the platform, and another 5 on hold for due diligence.

Sang: A lot of funds put fundraising on hold, but as the industry continues to grow we’ll see an increase in the numbers of funds that are dedicated to blockchain / cryptocurrency.

We have also seen an increase recently in the interest from funds that are investing in the equity of blockchain companies (more traditional VCs) and not just tokens.

Q: Have you thought about doing an airdrop or running an IEO to boost up DM community and bring the much-needed liquidity?

Sang: We are doing a big push in Korea and with the reputation of DarcMatter in the region already, we think it will be a great outcome.

Q: Can you talk about the investment from Hashed. What are they doing to add value to this relationship?

Sang: They were one of the leading investors for the token sale and are still likely one of the most reputable firms in Asia and the #1 recognized in Korea. We are in consistent dialogues with them on technology development, best routes for visibility within the region and exchange discussions. They are definitely strong partners not only from reputation, but also dealing with many other projects that have built a blockchain infrastructure from an existing business.

Q: Last question, do you guys think that the bear market is about done or do we have some more to go?

Sang: It’s hard for us to say, but the tides definitely seem to be turning and as with many other markets sentiment is important and I think there will be increased interest from those investors and institutions that have been sitting on the sidelines.

There will be more opportunities to communicate directly with our management team in the near future, so please make sure you are keeping up with our updates and announcements.

For those that participated, thank you again for asking us questions and remaining respectful to the team. We welcomed the opportunity for you to get to know our team, product development and the project.

If you missed it, this past week we published some more information to help our community understand the relationship between DarcMatter and Konstellation better, check it out here:

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DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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Konstellation Network (DARC)

Konstellation Network (DARC)

DARC is the fuel that drives the Konstellation Network, the infrastructure for the interoperable DeFi capital markets.

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