At 9:00 AM EST on Discord, the AMA began with Natasha Bans, our Co-Founder and COO and Sang Lee, the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Konstellation and DarcMatter.

Q: Wanted to know the big plans on listings…is there a plan for DARC to be listed soon?

Sang: Yes, we do have an exciting announcement upcoming in the coming days. We can’t share further details at the current time, but further details will be shared on April 9th.

Q: I saw you were working in Shanghai to establish partnerships. Any more info on that?

Sang: Thanks for the question, indeed I was in Shanghai and Seoul working with our team as well as partnerships. As you saw, we signed a recent partnership with Bitcurate as a leading data driven tool for the crypto investment community. We are also working with different funds/platforms and agencies in the region for further market visibility as well as Konstellation network ecosystem participants. In addition to our traditional fund focus, data providers and other service providers will plug into the Konstellation Network.

In Korea, we are working with institutions there that are pursuing token issuance, custody solutions and other blockchain frameworks which we are eager to assist in providing.

Q: What’s the update on your roadmap? Looks like everything you put in your previous one either has not got achieved or is delayed. How many employees are full time payroll in NY? and why has there been so poor marketing and community development.

Bans: Our product road map was actually updated recently to reflect where we currently stand. Based on the current roadmap, we are developing according to plan and are working towards Q2 objective of feasibility testing. The latest whitepaper reflecting this will be uploaded to our site shortly, and you’ll be able to see the updated roadmap there. We’ll post the updates here:

Sang: We are still comfortably capitalized for our build out and roadmap. We will be putting out a broader post shortly that will share where we have invested resources from the token sale. Will keep you posted!

Q: DarcWallet — shall this wallet be used by institutions who request Konstellation service? I.e. would they store, transfer DM tokens to your company upon having blockchain infrastructure requests?

Sang: Yes, the DARCWallet is the interface for which the institutions (including those of DarcMatter) will be able to interact with the blockchain infrastructure as well as the token. It will be the primary interface by which DARC will power the interactions between financial institutions, investors and other service providers.

Q: What is your plan to support the price of the token after listing considering the fact there are too many angry investors now have waited too long for token listing?

Sang: We cannot discuss the pricing of the token, but we recognize the importance of communication and ecosystem building, which is what we are also focusing on for the Asia region with our partners. We will also share details of those partnerships in the coming days. Further, we have additional mechanisms in place which will have our larger long-term holders looking to become nodes for the Konstellation Network, which will decrease availability of circulating supply.

Q: Konstellation provides blockchain infrastructure, have you put in mind the competitors in the market such as

Sang: Indeed, we are always keeping a detailed pulse of the market. being an underlying technology provider is different from our goal of providing the infrastructure for financial services and financial assets. Another reason that we created a dedicated blockchain division that can address a broader audience and use cases

Q: Are you able to share some numbers?

Bans: Currently, we have 6 Full time employees in the NY office. Regarding Marketing and community development, we have been working to optimize this significantly, and hopefully you can see that over the past few months. Unfortunately, we didn’t take the most active approach with the community development initiatives initially, but have made it a priority moving forward. We hope to continue to build the DARC community and excite everyone with our development and updates.

Sang: We will share details in the report that I mentioned, but more than majority of the assets that were raised are still available for deployment.

Q: Another question…. how have u been promoting Konstellation in Korea? That market seems to be important to you. Tell us more about your marketing and team over there.

Sang: Indeed, Korea is a very active market and this trip further solidified that perspective even beyond what is coming out in the media. Institutions are very excited about blockchain (although they may not speak about it in a public forum).

The exchange market is also very active and a route that we are pursuing actively.

We are in discussions with several financial institutions (in addition to the work that we do that DarcMatter) specifically for blockchain, tokenization and other infrastructure related initiatives in Korea.

Further, we have signed a partnership with the Korean office of a well-known crypto and blockchain advisory arm that will accelerate Konstellation further.

Next week we will publish Part 2 of the AMA Recap and following that, Part 3. If you missed it, this past week we published some more information to help our community understand the relationship between DarcMatter and Konstellation better.

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